August 2004
Volume 46 Number 8

Pipe Lines: No Long Lazy Days of Summer for the State WQAs
by Ronald Y. Pérez   Pages: 

This summer, like most, finds the state associations holding special events and conferences. The Florida WQA held their annual convention at the Caribe Royal Resort in Orlando, FL from June 24-26. The gathering commenced with a golf tournament and luncheon, and featured over the next two days nine educational seminars along with WQA certification exams. Total attendance was over 800 individuals, resulting in 35 new members for the association.

Eastern WQA held a Road Show on June 15 in East Windsor, NJ. According to Jody Snyder, the event that included six presentations, was a “big success” and they are looking forward to conducting at least two Road Shows per year in addition to their annual convention. This year’s Conference and Trade Show will be held in Harrisburg, PA September 27-29.

June was also the month that meetings were held by the Missouri, Iowa and Great Lakes WQAs. Texas WQA held its Annual Trade Show and Convention in San Antonio July 15-17. New this year to the seminar schedule was the Water Quality Analysis for Small Water Systems for which participants received eight CEU hours.

In other news, the Pacific WQA announced that it has formed a new alliance with the California Chamber of Commerce (CCC). Members of PWQA qualify for reduced membership dues in the CCC. In addition to that benefit, PWQA hopes by uniting with the CCC, their combined efforts will put an initiative on the November ballot to amend Section 172000 of the state’s Business and Professional Code. The provision currently allows private attorneys to sue without waiting for the local district attorney or state attorney general to get involved. Costly legal battles have resulted which could have been avoided had the business owner been given a warning about a small infraction.

Remember, don’t let your certification lapse for 2004--there are opportunities throughout the summer and fall to get enough CPD’s before the cut-date of September 30. Visit the WQA website at ID=1229 for all the available options.

Perchlorate Update
In June, a momentary media storm raged around perchlorate levels in milk when activist groups circulated a report to the press that purported to find the public at risk. Water quality was also slandered by the document.

The Council on Water Quality, The Capitol Medical Society, the Alliance For Food & Farming and the University of California’s Irvine Urban Water Research Center, among others, worked to combat the erroneous information with press releases, reports and outreach. Their efforts served to both calm the public and reveal the ‘special interests’ behind the scare

As Dr. Ladonna R. White stated, “Irre-sponsible and misleading “reports” only serve to create unnecessary fear and result in costly efforts to address a “problem” that does not really exist. As a result public and private dollars are diverted to unnecessary risk management efforts, at the expense of real health issues affecting the public.”