November 2005
Volume 47 Number 11

Ion Exchange Capacity and Systems Rating
by C.F. (Chubb) Michaud   Pages: 

Ion exchange is a water purification process whereby various ions in a solution can be attracted to and adsorbed by chemically treated resins and effectively replaced (or exchanged) by ions that are less offending. Hardness (calcium and magnesium), for instance, can be exchanged for less- objectionable sodium or potassium as a treatment for boiler feed and thuss, prevent scale formation. In designing or specifying these ion exchange systems, they are rated in order to predetermine their throughput capacity and set up their regeneration frequency. The capacity (rate) is based on a complex set of equilibrium relations, the water analysis and the desired quality to be achieved. This article discusses various factors affecting the total capacities and the operating capacities of ion exchange resins.

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