Harmsco Filtration Products
Harmsco Filtration Products 
7169 N. 49th Terrace
West Palm Beach, FL 33407 USA
Phone: 800-327-3248
FAX: 561-845-2474
For more than 54 years, Harmsco, Inc. has been a world leader in providing solutions to liquid filtration challenges. Whether it is residential, industrial, environmental or municipal applications, Harmsco is focused on manufacturing innovative and cost-effective approaches to your filtration needs. Harmsco offers a full line of stainless steel filter housings and pleated cartridge elements that are NSF 61-certified and meet public drinking water standards. For more information on our innovative products, please call (800) 327-3248 or (561) 848-9628, email at sales@harmsco.com or visit our website www.Harmsco.com