Conquest International, LLC
1108 SW 8th St.
Plainville, KS 67663 USA
Phone: 785-434-2483
FAX: 785-434-2736
Manufacturer of Life Saver Non-Electric Water Distiller. US distributor for commercial water electrolyzers to produce Alkaline Ionized Drinking Water and Neutral Anolyte Biocide, a 100% Green, Environmentally-Friendly, All Natural Compound that is a stronger disinfectant than Chlorine or Ozone. Electrolyzed Water has hundreds of different applications in Water Disinfection, Wastewater Remediation, Health and Medicine, Mold Remediation, Cleaning and Sanitizing, Livestock and Poultry Farming and Organic Agriculture, as a biocide in the oil and gas industry and many other uses.