FilterCor, Inc.
Contact: Roger Hollander, Sales Mgr. Manufactures wound filter cartridges, pleated filters and carbon cartridges. One- piece wound cartridges provide maximum particle retention and are available in variety of lengths and porosities. Pleated filters can be manufactured in standard or custom sizes. Carbon filters for drinking water or special media filters are heavy metal reduction and industrial water also complement Filter Cor product line.

Carbon cartridge filter

activated carbon cartridge filter

The new and improved activated carbon cartridge filter from Filter Cor Inc., of Sun Valley, Calif., is constructed of carbon via a wet-molded production process using a blend of powdered and granulated coconut shell activated carbon with an incorporated fiber binder. Five micron pre-filtration removes solid particles and protects the inner carbon powder pores from being spent prematurely. The sulfur-free carbon blend has a high service area to provide increased carbon treatment capacity.

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