Norland International Inc.
Contact: Bruce Kucera. One of the world's leading companies dedicated to the manufacture and service of complete turnkey bottled water plants for medium capacity, competitively priced PET package lines - up to 80 bottles per minute. In addition, 5 gallon (19 litre) bottling plants can include feedwater pretreatment, purification, ozonation, purified water storage and semi-automatic or automatic bottling systems ranging in size from 60 up to 300 bottles per hour. The company also manufactures unique and economically priced stretch blow molding equipment for producing PET bottles in sizes from 335 ml up to 8 litre. Systems can be designed to produce up to 3,000 bottles per hour.

Packaging System

automatic case-packer and shrink-wrapper combination

Norland Int’l. Inc., of Lincoln, Neb., offers an automatic case-packer and shrink-wrapper combination designed specifically for start-up or medium-sized bottling operations. The system handles bottled water products as well as any liquid food product packaged in 8-oz. to 1-gallon plastic bottles. The system is compact and lightweight so it’s easy to set up and move around the plant, as may be required. Economically priced, the system will yield a fast return on investment, usually within 18 months. The CasePak™ 5000 and the ShrinkPak™ 5000 are also available separately.

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