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Filter housings and catridges

Filter housings and cartridges

WaterGroup announces the release of an expanded line of Aqua Flo filter housings and cartridges, which fit most standard 10- and 20-inch (25.4- and 50.8-cm) housings and are ideal for home, farm and business applications. Construction types include: string-wound, pleated polyester, radial-flow, carbon-block, dual-gradient, impregnated carbon cellulose, impregnated carbon polyester, pleated cellulose, spun poly-bonded and polypropylene melt-blown. Housings include the company’s Big Value Series, which come in a variety of popular sizes with durable, reinforced polypropylene construction and feature a pressure relief button, and new, clear housings that feature SS-reinforced threads, a three-position valve-in-head and a push-button pressure release. Every housing ships with a mounting bracket, hardware and filter wrench. Filter cartridges are sold separately. www.hydrotechwater.com

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