November 2005
Volume 47 Number 11
Ion Exchange Capacity and Systems Rating
by C.F. (Chubb) Michaud
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Ion Technology Dramatically Improves Village`s Water Quality
by Joseph Sanchez
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Pool and Spa 101
by Joe Sweazy and Drew Chuppe
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Thorough Mixing Crucial to healthy Potable Water Tanks
by Ed Sullivan
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Rocky Mountain Water Quality Conference Show Review
by Peter Waelti
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Katrina & Rita: How Our Industry Responded
by WC&P Staff
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EWQA 2005 Annual Conference and Trade Show Review
by Karen R. Smith
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Web Exclusive
Focus Update: Hot Tub Lung
by WC&P Staff
Is there a danger lurking in your customers hot tubs? The answer is yesone that causes shortness of breath, pneumonia-like symptoms and in some extreme cases, can be fatal.   read more
Viewpoint: Rising to the occasion read more
Dealer Alert: Preventing Recreational Water Illness read more
Living History: Bob Ruhstorfer and the WQA History Project read more
Certification of Water Treatment Systems for the Food Service Industry read more
Returning and Rebuilding: Minimizing Exposure Risks to Floodwater Contaminants read more