January 2006
Volume 48 Number 1
Seawater Desalination for Process Water and Boiler Makeup
by Peter Moss & Guido Maragliano
Reverse osmosis (RO) technology has been used for desalination since the late 1960s. RO membrane elements are available for a variety of desalination applications, treating water from sources ranging from seawater and brackish water to wastewater, for use in applications from industrial and process water to drinking water.  read more
Increasing Flow Rates in Water Purification Systems
by Eric Nyberg
Providing satisfactory flow rates is a key challenge for residential water purification systems that reduce total dissolved solids (TDS). Drinking water use is particularly great in the mornings and evenings and users can quickly empty their point of use (POU) tank and still need more water...  read more
100 MGD!!
by David C. Cagne & John G. Minnery
As the population of Middle Eastern countries is rapidly growing, addressing water scarcity is more urgent now than ever before...  read more
A New Opportunity: EWQA & Virginia Well Water Association Road Show

The Eastern Water Quality Association and the Virginia Water Well Association are having a joint meeting at the Wyndham Airport Roanoke Hotel in Roanoke, VA.  read more
The Industry`s Premier Volunteer Workforce: WC&P`s Technical Review Committee
by Karen R. Smith
Another January, another new year, another chance to introduce the team of experts who will be vetting the science of every article in Water Conditioning & Purification International Magazine...  read more
Interesting Times Ahead
by Peter Censky
What does the future hold for you and your business in the coming year? Is the water industry going to continue to consolidate? Will your business shrink or grow? Will demand taper off or will it boom? What should you be doing now to prepare yourself and your business for what lies ahead? What does all this mean for your company, anyway...  read more
Arizona Suggests POU for Arsenic Treatment in Small Systems
by WC&P Staff
In an effort to meet the new arsenic compliance standards set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) has recognized the viability of point of use (POU) devices as a cost-effective alternative for arsenic compliance and removal in small systems...  read more
Development of a Revised Capillary Suction (CST) Test
by Miklas Scholz & Julian Tapp
The aim is to revise the (CST) dewaterability test to reduce consumable costs and to improve its interpretation. The objectives are to assess are...  read more
Web Exclusive
Suburban Water Technology, Inc. or Gilbertsville, Pa.
by Nate F. Searing read more
Viewpoint: Happy New Year
by Karen R. Smith read more
Dealer Alert: Tools to Help Small Drinking Water Utilities Control Arsenic
by WC&P Staff read more
A `Hard` Standard for Softeners NSF/ANSI 44
by Rick Andrew read more
Newly Identified Tap Water Sources of Pathogenic Amoeba
by Kelly A. Reynolds read more