March 2006
Volume 48 Number 3
Activated Carbon: Advanced Test Method
by Henry Nowicki & Barbara Sherman
Development and application of advanced test methods can reveal important new information about activated carbons and other sorbents.  read more
LT2 and Crypto Reduction
by WC&P Staff
Can Old Technology Be the Best Solution? Since the passage of the Safe Water Drinking Act 30 years ago, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) has constantly evolved and updated its rules and regulations pertaining to contaminant reduction and source water protection against a host of specific microbial pathogens.  read more
In the Fight Against Cryptosporidium, Can Old Technology Be the Best Solution?
by Jim Lauria
Judging by the amount of trade press on the subject, Cryptosporidium is public enemy number one when it comes to water health. A Google search on this parasitic single-celled organism yields...  read more
POU Membrane Technology for Microbiological Purification RO is Not Enough
by Gary L. Hatch,
Membrane filtration for removal of dissolved salts, fine particles and microbes has been utilized in water treatment for many years. It is relied upon by the electronics and pharmaceutical industries to produce...   read more
Soft Water = Increased CVD Risk = Poor Science!
by Susan R. Feldman
For decades, nutritionists have been researching and reporting findings that the nutritional sources of the elements, calcium and magnesium, are the foods we eat.  read more
Tracking Disaster Relief Efforts
by Andy Warnes & contributors
Viewing efforts with hindsight isn't a case of would have, should haven't when it comes to disaster relief. Analyzing the results, how many did we help? How could we have done better?  read more
Closer to Home...

Like the Asian tsunami, hurricanes Katrina and Rita exposed America to the devastating and immediate impact of a natural disaster firsthand and to the ensuing lack of clean drinking water.  read more
PWQA in Sacramento
by Karen R. Smith
PWQA President Mike Mecca and past President Mark Howlett sat with California State Senator George Runner and explained the benefits of water softening while downstairs, Assemblymember Rick Keenes Legislative Director Brent Ten Pas joined PWQA members for lunch and...  read more
by Water Quality Association
WQA Statement: There should not be health guidance proposed for water hardness or recommended minimum compositions of calcium and magnesium in drinking water at this time.  read more
Retail Water Treatment Sevice Department Basics, Part 2: The Service Call
by Jeff Parvin
In last month's issue, we looked at service department operations basics in the areas of scheduling, inter-dealership communications and overall practices and standards. This month, a component-by-component analysis of a service call. pertinent information to help you successfully complete the call.  read more
A Look at the Law
by Mark A. Smith
Amongst the many legal, regulatory risk and issues facing water purification dealers and manufacturers in todays market, two are reaching critical mass.  read more
The End of an Era / Culligan closes Northbrook
by Nate F. Searing
There are few names in the industry (if any) which have more resonance and history than Culligan. For 70 years, that name and its legacy have been tied to Northbrook, Ill., the home of Culligan International Co.s corporate headquarters and...  read more
Web Exclusive

Trevose, Pennsylvania and Oakville, Ontario (March 14, 2006) - GE Water & Process Technologies, a unit of General Electric Company (NYSE: GE) and ZENON Environmental Inc. (TSX: ZEN and ZEN.NV.A; OTC: ZNEVF and ZNEAF), announced today that they have signed an agreement in connection with the acquisition...   read more
Analyzing the Lab: The Analysis of Perchlorate
by Stephen R. Tischler read more
Viewpoint: Who establishes water quality regulations in the U.S.?
by Karen R. Smith read more
Paradise Found - Water Source Delivers Luxurious Water Systems in Maui
by Nate F. Searing read more
Drinking Water Dollars: Medical Conditions Can Lead to Water Industry Growth
by Neil D. Berlant read more
Modern Process Equipment
by  read more
Efficiency of Water Softeners Under NSF/ANSI 44
by Rick Andrew read more
Justifying the Need for Point of Use Water Treatment
by Kelly A. Reynolds, MSPH, Ph.D. read more
Tech Talk: How to Start an Email Newsletter
by Jason O'Connor read more