April 2006
Volume 48 Number 4
Stamford, CT, April 20, 2006 Axel Johnson Inc., the North American operating arm of the Sweden-based Axel Johnson Group, announced today that it will acquire Kinetico Incorporated, one of the world's leading manufacturers of residential, commercial, industrial and municipal water treatment systems.   read more
Advanced Activated Carbon Test Method: GRPD Versus Classical Iodine Number and BET Surface Area
by Henry Nowicki & Barbara Sherman
We previously provided information about an exciting advanced test method for the activated carbon industry.1 This method is now in the literature with two names: Gravimetric Rapid Pore Size Distribution (GRPD) and determination of Adsorption Energy Distributions (AED).  read more
Forward Osmosis
by Robert J. Salter
While reverse osmosis (RO) is a standard water industry purification treatment, forward osmosis (FO) is being utilized in creative ways by other market sectors.   read more
An Illusion of Safety: Drinking Water Filtration
by Roger Nathanson
Its not uncommon to read about the hidden dangers that can be present in our drinking water. Those dangers are so small it takes a high-powered microscope (and incubation) to see them.   read more
A Cooler Option for Canadian Cooling Towers
by F. James (Jim) Dart
In the past, non-chemical approaches to cooling tower water treatment have failed to provide a complete solution to all issues (namely, scale, fouling, corrosion and microbiological contamination) while traditional chemical treatments have delivered inconsistent results.  read more
Codex: Do We Need to Worry?
by Dianne M. Miller, J.D.
Many people are contacting NHFC (National Health Freedom Coalition), asking why Americans should be worried about the new Codex Vitamin and Mineral Guidelines adopted in Rome on July 4th, 2005.  read more
Web Exclusive
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The Who, What, When, Why and How of the WRAS Approval Process
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Household Water Treatment: Saving Lives in the Developing World
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