May 2006
Volume 48 Number 5
Puronics Acquires Ionics Consumer Water Group

Livermore, California, May 10 , 2006 -- Puronics, Incorporated today announced that it has acquired the Ionics Consumer Water Group from GE Water & Process Technologies, a unit of General Electric Company (NYSE: GE). The Ionics Consumer Water Group is a U.S.-based manufacturer of home and commercial water treatment products. GE acquired the Ionics Consumer Water Group through its acquisition of Ionics, Inc in 2005. The terms of the transaction were not disclosed.   read more
Industrial Ultraviolet Technology Overview
by Tom Schaefer
Industrial ultraviolet (UV) technology has been used for decades as a way to disinfect while reducing or eliminating chemical use. Municipal wastewater, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, beverage and aquaculture markets rely upon UV to improve water quality.  read more
World Water Treatment: Equipment Study Analysis
by Michael Deneen
Demand for water treatment equipment and supplies in residential and commercial applications is projected to increase 5.3 percent per year to $3.5 billion in 2009.  read more
The Removal of Arsenic from Potable Water
by Frank Baumann
Chemistry and toxicity Because of its appearance, arsenic is considered a metalloid and is not a true metal. Arsenic exists in four valence (oxidation)states. Valence is defined as the combining power of an element with other elements or compounds. These four states are:  read more
Wastewater Close Up: Endocrine Disruptors
by WC&P Staff
Do your fish look lackluster lately? Have the males given up aggressively patrolling the tank in favor of listening to show tunes? Are the females looking strangely bulked up? Is this about the new brine shrimp youre feeding them, or is it something in the water?  read more
Canadian Regulations in Motion
by Jason Bourque
The regulatory landscape in Canada is changing. To many, the draft of a proposed new drinking water treatment system standard by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA B483) may seem like an abrupt occurrence.  read more
Kinetico Bought by Alex Johnson

Stamford, CT, April 20, 2006Axel Johnson Inc., the North American operating arm of the Sweden-based Axel Johnson Group, announced today that it will acquire Kinetico Incorporated, one of the worlds leading manufacturers of residential, commercial, industrial and municipal water treatment systems.   read more
WQA Aquatech Recap
by Karen R. Smith
Monday afternoon, March 27, the tradeshow floor was a blur of forklifts, carpenters, electricians and sales reps. Dollies flew down the aisles laden with equipment, cases and display elements.   read more
Web Exclusive
Inventor Profile: Wastewater: New and Improved! ThermoEnergy
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To UV or Not to UV? That was the Question.
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Arsenic Reduction Claims for Media Filters under NSF / ANSI 53
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Identifying Hazards of Waterborne Disease
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Viewpoint: Happy National Drinking Water Week!
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