September 2006
Volume 48 Number 9
What Makes Water Taste Better?
by Stephen Messinger
Consumers and their suppliers have realized that while five-gallon bottles of water taste great, there are shortcomings: ...  read more
The Case for Blowing Your Own PLA Bottles
by Bruce Kucera
The recent introduction of polylactide acid (PLA) into the packaging industry has grabbed the attention of consumers and bottlers alike---and for good reason.   read more
Newsworthy and Noteworthy Bottled Waters
by Karen R. Smith
There are more and more products to choose from in the world of bottled waters. Three of the more interesting we've discovered this year show the incredible range of this category!  read more
IBWA at Mandalay Bay
by Stepehn R. Kay
The IBWA Annual Convention and Trade Show is literally the 'town meeting' of the bottled water industry where all facets of the trade come together to exchange information and learn from the pros in diverse fields.   read more
Bottled Water 2005: U.S. and International Developments and Statistics
by John G. Rodwan, Jr.
As the second-largest commercial beverage category by volume in the United States, bottled water continues to experience steady growth. For several consecutive years, volume production has accelerated, and per capita consumption has increased significantly.  read more
Managing Risk
by Mark A.W. Smith
The bottled water industry is huge and growing. From the delivery of five-gallon jugs to the handy 16 ouncers, more and more often Americans choose to get their water from a bottle.   read more
Selling Against the Competition
by Tony Alessandra
Companies who don't understand their competitive advantage say things like, 'Our product is better quality,' or, 'Our service is better.' Even if a company has better quality or better service,...  read more
The Analysis of Arsenic
by Stephen R. Tischler
On January 22, 2001 the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) replaced the 50 parts per billion (ppb) standard for arsenic in drinking water with a new standard at 10 parts per billion.  read more
Treatment of Municipal Wastewater, Landfill Leachate and Septic Tank Effluent with High-Performance Compact Plant
by Manuel Alvarez Cuenca, Eva Maria Palomero, Rakesh Desai and Ana Maria Escribano
A joint project between Aqualia and Water Purification Technologies, Inc., was created to test an advanced, compact effluent treatment unit. The municipal wastewater of the city of Toledo, Spain, consists of a mixture of domestic and industrial wastewater, landfill leachate and septic tank effluent.  read more
Rocky Mountain High for Water For People
by John Kayser
The Coca-Cola Company 2006 Water For People Golf Event, presented by RE/MAX International, Inc., was deemed the most successful fundraiser in Water For People's (WFP) history. More than $300,000 (including $40,000 from the title sponsor) was raised to support the organization's work in the developing world.  read more
Web Exclusive
Sweet and Pure, All Year Long
by Denise M. Roberts read more
Drinking Water Dollars: Arsenic Profits
by Neil D. Berlant read more
The Dow of Water
by Karen R. Smith read more
Water Matters: NSF Standard 50 -- Circulation System Components and Related Materials for Simming Pools, Spas and Hot Tubs
by Dave Purkiss read more
Colphage--A Better Water Quality Indicator
by Kelly A. Reynolds read more
Viewpoint: Historical perspective of bottled water
by Karen R. Smith read more
Ask The Expert
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