October 2006
Volume 48 Number 10
Removing Arsenic and Saving Lives in West Bengal, India
by John Kayser
Arsenic is a naturally occurring, semi-metallic compound commonly found in water in many parts of the world, including India, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Japan, Mexico and some parts of the US. It requires water testing and analysis to detect as it is usually tasteless and odorless.  read more
The Business of Water
by Tom Cartwright
Every day around the world, we can be struck by the safety and scar-city of our water supply, if we choose to look. Late last year, China and Russia found themselves dealing with the contamination of their water supplies in the northeast from a chemical plant explosion in Jilin, China, that dumped benzene and nitrobenzene into the Songhua River.  read more
Morocco, Water and the Sustainability Model
by Jeanmarie Tenuto and Wadih M. Captan
Even the most empathetic American may have difficulty trying to fathom life without clean drinking water. People living in the region known as the Maghreb have lacked potable water for as long as we have been marking time.  read more
The Fourth Element: Regulators
by Jason Bourque
The challenge of operating in the water treatment industry is not becoming any easier. No one reading this article would argue with that. Water sources continue to evolve at rapid rates;...  read more
The UK: No Salt Softeners--Fact, Fiction or Fantasy
by Jonny Seccombe
Fact, fiction or fantasy--all these adjectives, in different measure, can be applied to those water treatment devices sometimes described as 'no salt softeners'. These devices are occasionally claimed to be the Holy Grail for the treatment of hard water; but...  read more
The Ammonia-Carbon Dioxide Forward Osmosis Desalination Process
by Jeffrey L. McCutcheon, Robert L. McGinnis and Menachem Elimelech
There is a finite amount of freshwater readily available for human consumption and use. This supply is already strained due to competing utilization demands for farming, industrial, commercial and domestic uses.  read more
POU Ozone Food Sanitation
by Ron Long
The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gave final approval for the application of ozone for disinfecting and sanitizing food and food processing environments in September 2001. Whether applied in gaseous phase in the air for storage, or...  read more
A Water-Induced Collapse of California?
by Mark Bird
Given current trends, an abundance of evidence points to a probable economic collapse of California. Metro Los Angeles is the likely epicenter of the collapse, but ripples of havoc are likely to spread throughout the Golden State. As depicted in Figure 1,...  read more
WQA Mid-Year Leadership Conference Review
by Karen R. Smith
WQA's midyear conference convened in Park City, Utah on Wednesday, September 6.┬áTask forces on a variety of issues met throughout the three days of the gathering, as did the various sections of the association. A full meeting of the Board of Directors and certification exams rounded out the event.  read more
Web Exclusive
Filling a Need for 80 Years
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New European Standards for POU and POE Devices
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Size Matters...If You`re a Microbe
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Viewpoint: Potable Water
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