December 2006
Volume 48 Number 12
Women in the Industry Now
by Denise M. Roberts
According to the US Department of Labor Women's Bureau, women comprised 46 percent of the total US labor force in 2005, accounting for 50 percent of all workers in the high-paying management and professional fields.  read more
2006 EWQA Annual Convention
by Karen R. Smith
With nearly 200 hundred members, the Eastern Water Quality Association (EWQA) ranks as one of the largest of the regional groups. But since their territory stretches from Maine down through Virginia, its a rare gathering...  read more
PWQA: 49 Years and Counting
by WC&P Staff
Whats the best way to see out half a century of serving the water industry? According to the members of PWQA, convening on the most illustrious ocean liner of its day, the Queen Mary!  read more
IBWA Highlights
by WC&P Staff
The 2006 International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) Convention and Trade Show, operating under the theme Everyones A Winner, was held in Las Vegas from October 3-6, 2006.   read more
IBWA President's Report
by Joseph K. Doss
IBWA President and CEO Joseph K. Doss gave a hearty welcome to members attending the 48th Annual Convention and Trade Show, then presented a comprehensive report of the years activities and achievements. Noting the trade shows theme,...  read more
Canadians Help the Youngest Cancer Victims
by WC&P Staff
More than 2,000 children with cancer (and their families) enjoy activities offered year-round by the Trillium Childhood Cancer Support Center. The organization provides an environment that normalizes relationships and experiences with...  read more
Pool and Spa Operator Training: A Smart Choice
by Thomas M. Lachocki
The benefit of basic certification training to prevent drowning, injury and illness and to preserve capital investment is compelling. Training costs are minimal when compared to the cost of loss of life, limb and litigation. Basic, impartial training to individuals entering the pool and spa industry is particularly valuable.  read more
Case Study: Olympic Kayaking Courses
by Per-Ing Bigersson
In 1972, the Canoe/Kayak White-water Slalom debuted at the Munich Olympics. A sport born in the wilderness, Olympic engineers and venue planners found the logistics of the event to be a challenge, often requiring staging away from the host city to a...  read more
Web Exclusive
Aguaman to the Rescue!
by Denise M. Roberts read more
Top Innovators Spring from Utah
by WC&P Staff read more
Minimum Claims Under the NSF/ANSI DWTU Standards
by Rick Andrew read more
Reducing Risks of Pathogens in Groundwater--The Groundwater Disinfection Rule, Part 1
by Kelly A. Reynolds, MSPH, Ph.D. read more
Viewpoint: Ethics & Proctive Practice
by Karen R. Smith read more