January 2007
Volume 49 Number 1
International Conference on Desert and Desertification: Challenges and Opportunities
by Anat Kartaginer
Nearly 50 percent of the Earths land mass constitutes drylands and desertification has emerged as one of the planets most acute environmental problems. The United Nations (UN) General Assembly declared 2006 as the The International Year of Deserts and Desertification,...  read more
California Desalination Report with More Than a Grain of Subjectivity
by Nikolay Voutchkov
In June 2006, the Pacific Institute (PI) published a report entitled, Desalination, With a Grain of Salt-A California Perspective. Ignoring several decades of successful track record of desalination in over 120 countries worldwide and the recent groundbreaking advances in applied desalination research in California, the report presents...  read more
Promise of Nanomaterials for Water Cleanup
by J. Richard Schoor
New approaches are continually being examined to supplement traditional water purification methods. These need to be lower in overall cost, durable and/or more effective than current options for the removal of contaminants from water, either in-situ or...  read more
UF Membrane Technology Creates New Opportunities for Small Public Water Systems
by Jack E. Barker
In spite of rapid growth, western states offer a unique quality of life and still have many wide-open spaces. With homes and businesses dispersed across vast distances and rugged terrain, small public water systems (PWS) are challenged to ensure public health safety and adequate drinking water supplies to new residents and guests while encouraging continued growth.  read more
NGWA Ground Water Expo Review
by WC&P Staff
In addition to setting records for attendance and activities, this years NGWA conference hosted award ceremonies for more than a dozen members who made significant contributions to the industry in various categories during 2006.  read more
Web Exclusive
Alaska Pure Water Products -- Anchorage and Beyond
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From Solar Water: GE's Heckman Traded Elements
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Testing Pour-Through Pitchers for Contaminant Reduction Claims
by Rick Andrew read more
Reducing the Risks of Pathogens in Groundwater--The Groundwater Disinfection Rule, Part 2
by Kelly A. Reynolds read more
Viewpoint: New Year Thoughts
by Karen R. Smith read more
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