May 2007
Volume 49 Number 5
Fundamentals of Ultraviolet Treatment: Terms and Definitions Do Matter!
by James R. Bolton
The fundamentals of ultraviolet (UV) light from the nature of light, light sources to targets, light absorption and transmission and UV reactor design are presented along with recommended terms and definitions.  read more
UV Disinfection in Bottled Water and Beverage Industries
by Jon McClean
Effective microbial disinfection in the bottled water and beverage industries is essential. Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection is gaining increasing acceptance as a versatile treatment method. UV destroys the DNA of microorganisms and medium pressure UV, in particular and is highly effective at permanently inactivating microorganisms.   read more
WQA Aquatech 2007 Recap

This years WQA Aquatech trade show and convention was huge: nearly 5,000 attendees and 400 exhibitors! Orlandos Orange County Convention Center was a dazzling site as members converged upon the complex in dozens of shuttle buses from area hotels.   read more
Water Reuse Technologies: The Wave of the Future, Part 1
by Peter S. Cartwright
For the last 30-plus years, protection of the environment has been steadily moving up on the priority list of concerned citizens. Issues such as the hole in the ozone layer, the greenhouse effect, overflowing landfills, acid rain, destruction of the rain forests, overpopulation and...  read more
Global Water Foundation Fundraisers Make Fitness Fun
by WC&P Staff
Earlier this spring, Global Water Foundation (www.globalwater Founder and international tennis star Johan Kriek assembled a team of volunteers to ride a grueling 65-mile bike race in South Africa to raise money for clean water.  read more
WQA Aquatech Orlando: PWT Task Force Progress
by Karen R. Smith
"It is time for this baby to be born! said Dave Parke at the meeting of the Task Force to Develop Test Protocols for Physical Water Treatment. His sentiment garnered unanimous agreement. In their session on Tuesday at the WQA Aquatech show in Orlando, they were joined by WQA staff and interested observers, a first for the small group dedicated to alternative water treatment.  read more
Measuring the Effects of AOP as a Biocide on Pseudomonas Biofilms in a Model Jetted Tub System
by Ronald L. Barnes and D. Kevin Caskey
In addition to testing bacteria, dye tests were also run. This consisted of mixing indigo blue with the agarose solution. Indigo blue is commonly used to measure the amount of ozone present in water. For the purposes of this experiment, the indigo blue was used as an indicator of how well AOP reacted with the artificial biofilms.  read more
Web Exclusive
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A New Tool for Tracking the Public Health Impact of Drinking Water Contaminants
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Viewpoint: Who makes the difference?
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