August 2007
Volume 49 Number 8
Ozone in Small Mutual Water Systems
by Bob Smith-McCollum
Mutual water systems have been part of the American landscape for more than a century. By definition, mutual water companies (MWCs) are organized by or for water users in a given district to secure an ample water supply at reasonable rates.  read more
Today's Ozone Applications Indicate a Bright Future
by Deborah Kon
Ozone has been used in many applications for over 100 years. As its benefits have become better known and well-established, the use of ozone in different applications has increased and continues to do so.  read more
Water Analysis Important for Disinfection Safety
by Zoe A. Grosser and Kenneth Neubauer
Water for public consumption must be purified prior to distribution or bottling. Chlorine is commonly used for disinfection, but may create hazardous disinfection byproducts, depending on the residual organic content of the water supply.  read more
IBWA Position Statements

"Science proves that plastic bottled water containers are safe under a variety of conditions" (June 8, 2007) and "US Conference of Mayors' Resolution No. 90" (June 25, 2007)   read more
Web Exclusive
Success Without Salesmen
by Denise M. Roberts read more
Two for O3
by Karen R. Smith read more
Certification of Drinking Water Treatment Systems that Utilize Active Agents
by Ellen Van Buren read more
Legionella Disease Transmission and Role of Potable Water Systems
by Kelly A. Reynolds, MSPH, Ph.D. read more
Viewpoint August 2007
by Karen R. Smith read more