September 2007
Volume 49 Number 9
Safe Water: The First Step Out of Poverty
by Patricia Dandonoli
Every morning, Cabita Neupane, a mother of four daughters, would rouse herself at 4 a.m., long before dawn. She would pull her clothes on and venture out into the darkness to start the first of several arduous treks up a mountain, over uneven, rocky ground, to a spring where she would collect water in a metal jug for her family.  read more
The State of the Industry in the EU: Update on Issues of Note
by Tony Frost
The globalization of the water treatment industry means each and every aspect is affected by events, regulations and research worldwide. Here's a look at some of the more important issues and happenings at present in the EU.  read more
Advances in Seawater Desalination Technology
by Nikolay Voutchkov
Why look to the ocean for fresh water? World oceans contain over 97.2 percent of the planets water resources. Because of the high salinity of ocean water and the significant costs associated with seawater desalination, most of the global water supply has traditionally come from fresh water sources--groundwater aquifers, rivers and lakes.  read more
Who Wants Legislation? A Letter from the UK
by Jonny Seccombe
For those of you concernedly watching as the wave of anti-salinity legislation appears to be engulfing one community after another, what would you think of legislation that actually makes POE water treatment mandatory in every dwelling? That is exactly what has happened in the UK!  read more
Global Water Foundation Driving Vital Projects
by As told to WC&P staff
There is a saying in Africa, Majini Uhai, Swahili for, Water is Life. Millions around the world die every year from diseases attributed to dirty water, claiming the lives of an estimated 4,900 children every day.  read more
Going Regional: Water For People Sharpens Its Focus In-Country
by John Kayser
Water is life. Like the air we breathe, water is essential to our very survival. Yet there are, today, more than a billion people in the world without access to safe drinking water. Another 2.6 billion lack access to adequate sanitation.   read more
Water Projects: The Harm Caused by Well-Meaning Philanthropists
by Ned Breslin
I first met Dona Fatima while driving on a terrible road in northern Mozambique.My Mozambican water sector colleagues and I were always able to find water points in passing villages because we had to drive so slowly on the deeply rutted roads.Dona Fatima, a woman who appeared to be over 50 years old but could easily have been much younger, was crying next to a broken hand pump.  read more
Sustainable Water Management: The Singapore Water Story
by Yap Kheng Guan
A densely populated island city-state with 4.5 million people on a land area of about 700 sq. km., Singapore has no natural aquifers or groundwater, which makes water resource management a huge challenge. Despite these constraints, the population has access to good, clean drinking water.  read more
New World Health Organization Guidance for Desalination, Part 1
by Joseph A. Cotruvo and Houssain Abouzaid
Desalination, water reuse and conservation are the principal sources of 'new water' in a world where many areas are in need of greater access to fresh water for improved health, quality of life and economic growth.  read more
Seven Reasons Why Grey is the New Green
by M. Titus, P. Krasonostein and J.C. Huggart
The purpose of this article is to support seven primary arguments that grey water, treated and recycled without harmful chemicals, is a sustainable water solution for Australia.  read more
Flow Monitors: More Than Just a Digital Dosing Controller
by Helmut Voss, Sergej Gerz and M. Ayatollahzadeh
There is a wide range of highly sophisticated dosing tasks in water technology and process engineering which place high demands on dosing pumps in terms of precision, reliability and, in particular, monitoring the dosing process. Examples of these complex applications include...  read more
Web Exclusive
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by As told to WC&P staff read more
Comparison of Standards Setting Practices: International, Regional and National
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Eliminating the Fiery Serpent Dracunculus medinensis
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