October 2007
Volume 49 Number 10
Choosing the Right Bottle Washers and Fillers for Your Large-Bottle (Three-to Five-Gallon) Business
by Bruce Kucera
This article provides some direction to help start-up or expanding bottled water operations make intelligent equipment choices. It goes without saying that selection of a reputable source of equipment is mandatory. Better yet, find a company that offers...  read more
Permanent Phase-Out of Bottled Water Purchases
by San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom
San Francisco is proud of its historic role as an urban leader in environmental protection. For decades, our local government has provided environmental stewardship of the surrounding regions water delivery system.  read more
Self-Serve Bottled Water Vending Systems: The Future of Water
by Philip Stadnyk
The bottled water market has been changing over the last few years and its time for manufacturers to change their market. Presently, there are some retail centers that sell bottled water; they are usually supplied by bottled water companies, who also deliver and wholesale the water.  read more
Best Foot Foward--WQA Mid-Year Leadership Conference Review
by Karen R. Smith
This years Mid-Year Leadership Conference was a unique gathering where each section showed growth and evolution. At a time when many trade organizations appear to be floundering, the Water Quality Association continues to thrive; that success is due to...  read more
A New Look at Bromine: A Potential Sleeping Giant?
by Duane Dunk
By now, most in the international drinking water industry are very familiar with the UN Millennium Development Goal to reduce by half the number of people lacking daily access to safe drinking water by 2015 and that the majority of the worlds 1.1 billion in greatest need are living in developing and under-developed countries.  read more
New World Health Organization Guidance for Desalination, Part 2
by Joseph A. Cotruvo and Houssain Abouzaid
Table 2 provides some generalized performance expectations for four major categories of membrane systems. The larger pore membranes (MF and UF) are often used as pretreatments to remove larger particulate contaminants and to reduce the loadings on the more restrictive membranes (like RO) and extend their performance and run times.  read more
WHO Report: Review on Desalination and Safe Water Supply
by Susan R. Feldman
The final output of the World Health Organization (WHO) Committee on Desalination for Safe Water Supply, led by Dr. Hussein A. Gezairy, WHO Regional Director for the Eastern Mediterranean, was finally released as a report to the public.  read more
Web Exclusive
Sand, Fire and Water--Clements Water Refining Service
by Denise M. Roberts read more
Connecting the Dots--Falcon Stainless, Inc.
by Karen R. Smith read more
Point of Entry Systems and the NSF / ANSI Standards
by Rick Andrew read more
New Website Provides Essential Drinking Water Information
by Kelly A. Reynolds, MSPH, Ph.D. read more
Viewpoint: WC&P welcomes two new Technical Review Committee Members
by Karen R. Smith read more