February 2008
Volume 50 Number 2
WQA Aquatech USA 2008: Schedule of Events

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WQA Aquatech USA 2008: Educational / Training Sessions

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by Karen R. Smith
When my own water softener developed a noxious odor, I knew just what to do: run to the phone and call WC&P's Technical Review Committee members! Of course, other homeowners don't have that particular option and apparently, there's a lot of misinformation out there.  read more
Membrane Support Fabrics: Issues and Un-Met Needs
by Edward C. Gregor
Throughout the past 40 years, significant growth has been the hallmark for membranes of every variety in high-efficiency liquid filtration applications. Microporous membranes are most commonly found in single-use pleated cartridges in process industry systems and medical devices, whereas...  read more
New Technique for Iron Removal
by Nicole Mitchell
The first home water treatment system that completely oxidizes iron in water for total iron removal uses a patented dissolved oxygen generator (DOG).   read more
Full Plate Distributor Vessel=Truly Green Water Treatment
by Douglas M. Horner and Michael P. Mormino
'Go green efforts have recently become a major public initiative as a new idea. Yet many water treatment dealers have experienced firsthand the negative impact water contamination has had on the environment for years.   read more
The Importance of Activated Carbon Technology: A Glossary of Terms
by H. George Nowicki, Chris Brunning, Barbara Sherman and Henry Nowicki
This article provides some of the major definitions to help professionals working in the field of activated carbon. Using clear and precise words demonstrates your professional knowledge and enables you to make better decisions when purchasing activated carbon or using consultants and laboratory testing services.  read more
Web Exclusive
Viewpoint: Closing thoughts and opening lines
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This Bug's For You! The Aquasource Group, Inc.
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HM Digital, Inc.'s Rob Samborn
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In-Place Cleaning Testing of Residential Distillers under NSF / ANSI 62
by Rick Andrew read more
NDMA -- An Emerging Waterborne Contaminant
by Kelly A. Reynolds, MSPH, Ph.D. read more
Tech Talk: A Residential Drinking Water Treatment Primer, Part 1
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