March 2008
Volume 50 Number 3
MBR-RO Process for Water Reclamation and Purification from Used Water
by Dr. Guihe Tao, Kiran Kekre, Dr. Jianjun Qin, Maung Htun Oo, Bala Viawanath and Harry Seah
Singapore has been investing in new technologies to ensure a diversified and sustainable water supply for its people. A dual ultrafiltration (UF) or microfiltration (MF) reverse osmosis (RO) membrane process has been successfully applied to...  read more
Coconut Shell Based Activated Carbon with No Green House Gas Emission
by Dr. P. A. Shankar
The use of activated carbon to remove harmful impurities like organic contaminants from water has been practiced since Roman times.  read more
State-of-the-Art Pure Water
by Elke Tures-Fischer
A member of the Procter & Gamble Group (P&G), Wella is more than 100 years old and a leading supplier of hair-care products and fragrances in more than 150 countries.  read more
Added Value of POU RO with Emerging Water Regulations
by Shannon P. Murphy
Over the past year a number of emerging water contaminants received increased press coverage, leading to heightened awareness in the public and regulatory eye.  read more
2007 Was a Bad Year for the Residential Water Treatment Industry--Is there Worse to Come?
by Andrew Warnes
One year ago, the editors of WC&P gave me an opportunity to dig into the long-standing myth that the US residential water treatment is linked to the health of the US housing market. (See "Can you Beat the Curve?," WC&P March 2007).  read more
Brine Regeneration Considerations in Water Softeners
by Frank DeSilva
The efficiency of water softeners is a measure of the salt and water used for regeneration versus the amount of hardness removed from the water. The most efficient softeners are ones that use...  read more
Advanced Activated Carbon Test Methods
by Henry Nowicki, Wayne Schuliger, Barbara Sherman, George Nowicki and Joseph Bellisimo
We focus here on advanced activated carbon testing methods available today to the market place. (A June WC&P article will cover standard activated carbon test methods approved by the American Standard Testing and Materials [ASTM] Committee D28 on activated carbon.)  read more
Factors Affecting the Capacity of Arsenic Removal Media
by C.F. 'Chubb' Michaud
Arsenic was first discussed (as a unique chemical) by a German chemist in the year 1250. It is a notoriously poisonous metalloid with a long and toxic history used in pesticides and the like.  read more
Changes to Certified Products and Components
by Mark T. Unger
Manufacturers are searching for ways to lower costs and increase profits. One of the ways this can be accomplished is by utilizing the highest quality materials or components without spending an exorbitant amount of money.  read more
Web Exclusive
Truckee Meadows Water Systems, Inc.
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Living in Interesting Times: Donald T. Bray
by Patricia Capone read more
Pressure Drop: An Important Measurement for Point of Entry Systems
by Rick Andrew read more
Estimating Consequences of Toxic Water Exposures
by Kelly A. Reynolds, MSPH, Ph.D. read more
People March 2008
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Tech Talk: A Residential Drinking Water Treatment Primer, Part 2
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Viewpoint: What happens in Vegas...
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