April 2008
Volume 50 Number 4
WQA Executive Director Issues Appeal

Peter Censky provides an update from Lobbyist Pete Conaty and issues an appeal for all members to actively support efforts to defeat AB2270.  read more
Kinetic energy + hydrodynamic cavitation + chemical equilibirum = cooling-tower water treatment
by Abby Harris
Treating cooling-tower water to prevent biological fouling, scale and corrosion is a complex, highly monitored process. Most such treatment in the US is accomplished with biocidal, dispersant and scale-inhibiting chemicals.  read more
Non Chemical Devices: Thirty Years of Myth Busting
by Timothy Keister
Non chemical devices (NCDs) have been marketed for control of scale, corrosion, deposition and biological growth in boiler and cooling tower systems for over 50 years.   read more
Membrane Separation Process--Technology and Business Opportunities
by G. Srikanth
This article addresses different membrane products and processes in terms of their state of development and technical and economic relevance.   read more
Harnessing Bacterial Luminescence for Determination of Water Quality
by Nirit Ulitzur
The drinking water community is placing emphasis and urgency on security. An early or real-time warning system (EWS) is critical to address both naturally occurring and purposeful contamination of drinking water supplies.  read more
The Perils of IP: Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights and Today's Global Marketplace
by Karen R. Smith
American and European companies in the water industry have been reporting that foreign manufacturers are knocking off their products, patents and technologies for quite some time; in fact, as the number of firms being victimized has risen, so has the search for effective solutions.  read more
Just Add Water
by John Addis, with reporting by Mary Peterson and Tom Costanza
In West Africa, poverty assumes many guises. Take the village of Kpalang in northern Ghana. Here, both children and adults suffer regular bouts of typhoid, cholera and diarrhea and often play unwilling host to a debilitating parasite known as Guinea worm.  read more
Web Exclusive
Dealer Profile: From DJ to Dealer--Headlining a Water Company
by Denise M. Roberts read more
Water Matters: Water China 2008
by Rick Andrew read more
On Tap: Concern of Pharmaceuticals in Drinking Water
by Kelly A. Reynolds, MSPH, Ph.D. read more
Executive Insight: Growing Up in a Family Business
by Karen R. Smith read more
Viewpoint: Meeting the competition
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