December 2008
Volume 50 Number 12
An Overview of Arsenic Treatment Concerns and Applications for Small and Very Small Systems
by Larry Henke
Arsenic continues to be one of the most extensive environmental poisonous chemical elements throughout the world. It is found at high concentrations in Taiwan, China, Argentina, Chili, Mexico, parts of Europe, in the United States and most notably in West Bengal, India and neighboring Bangladesh.   read more
Building Sustainable Arsenic-Safe Water Solutions in India
by Eileen Lambert
The mounting arsenic health crisis in India surfaced first during a preliminary survey in 1976, but it wasn't until 1983, when a patient fell ill in the district of South 24-Parganas that the linkage between water supply, arsenic and illness was finally established.  read more
Avoiding the Silver Lining: Potential Consequences of Nanosilver
by Joyce S. Chai
In 1959, Professor Richard P. Feynman unveiled the revolutionary concept of nanotechnology in his lecture titled, There's Plenty of Room at the Bottomread more
History Revealed
by Denise M. Roberts
As requested by our readers, WC&P presents the second installment of photos that were featured on the History Wall at 2007 WQA Aquatech.  read more
PWQA Convention and Western States Trade Show
by WC&P Staff
Over 300 people were in attendance at the 51st Annual PWQA Convention and Western States Trade Show at the Sheraton Park Hotel at the Anaheim Resort October 14-17, 2008.  read more
InterBev 2008 in Las Vegas
by WC&P Staff
InterBev 2008, the biennial conference of the American Beverage Association and the International Bottled Water Association, was held October 20-23 at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas, NV.  read more
Guest Editorial: Legally Safe and Totally Safe are Two Different Addresses -- Where Do You Want to Live?
by Alfie Lipshultz
You go to the grocery store and have a choice to buy a chicken loaded with antibiotics and steroids or a free range raised chicken. One is legally safe and the other is totally safe; which one do you cook for your family?   read more
Web Exclusive
Dealer Profile: Making Bad Water Good
by Denise M. Roberts read more
Executive Insight: Confidence in Strength and Numbers--Rupert's Culligan
by Donald A. Mounce read more
Water Matters: Requirements for POE Water Softeners under NSF/ANSI 44
by Rick Andrew read more
On Tap: What Does E-coli in Water Really Mean?
by Kelly A. Reynolds, MSPH, Ph.D. read more
Viewpoint: Happy Birthday to us!
by Donald A. Mounce read more