July 2009
Volume 51 Number 7
Whole-Home Reverse Osmosis-A Learning Experience
by Stephen C. Carr  Pages: 30-34
In 1996, equipment for two new homes to be built outside of Elko, Nevada was designed and bid. Both home sites already had deep wells drilled and the water was undrinkable (see Table 1).  read more
Water Purification in the Public Eye
by Don Talend  Pages: 36-40
A convention center is one of the highest-profile structures in an urban area. The sheer size of many draws more visitors than perhaps any other building in a given city, with the possible exception of museums and entertainment venues.  read more
Operational Parameters for Small System RO Membranes or 'RO for Dummies'
by Matthew Wirth  Pages: 44-47
There are stories about the membrane that lasted eight years. Manufacturers sing the praises of minimal reject to product outputs. While the stories are often true, there is cause and effect to everything.  read more
The Next 50 Years
by Donald A. Mounce and WC&P Technical Review Committee  Pages: 54-59
WC&P remains committed to and proud of our Technical Review Committee members for their dedicated insight to the profession and the magazine. They are the international leading experts in their areas and are the heart of our success.  read more
2009 Technical Review Committee Insights: Gary Hatch
by Donald A. Mounce  Pages: 62-63
Dr. Gary Hatch, a private consultant and former Director of Research and Development at Pentair Residential Filtration, has devoted over thirty-five years to the improvement of drinking water quality through the development of POU/POE water treatment products and systems.   read more
Web Exclusive
Dealer Profile: Mountain Slope Water Finds Hawaii's Liquid Gold
by Denise M. Roberts  Pages: 48 read more
Water Matters: Daily Production Rate and Efficiency Rating of POU Reverse Osmosis Systems
by Rick Andrew  Pages: 64-65 read more
On Tap: Co-Contaminant Calamities--Arsenic and Influenza
by Kelly A. Reynolds, MSPH, Ph.D.  Pages: 66-68 read more
The Basics of Water Chemistry: The Periodic Table
by Peter S. Cartwright  Pages: 50-52 read more
Viewpoint: A flood of new ideas
by Donald A. Mounce  Pages: 6 read more