July 2011
Volume 53 Number 7
Whole-House RO Case Study: A practical look at a whole-house RO application for troubled water - Part 2
by Gary Battenberg  Pages: 26-34
Part 1 in the June issue of WC&P detailed the site visit to collect water samples for testing and to confirm the hydraulic characteristics of the well water supply.  read more
Rainwater Harvesting - An Untapped Resource
by Peter S. Cartwright, P.E.  Pages: 36-39
The collection of rainwater as a source of relatively clean water has been a common practice of humankind since the dawn of civilization.  read more
2011 Conference of the Israeli Water Association: Long-Term Water and Environmental Issues
by Anat Kartaginer, M.Sc.  Pages: 40-41
This year, the annual Water Conference of the Israeli Water Association—the largest event of its kind in Israel’s water community—focused on long-term issues related to the water system and the environment.  read more
Web Exclusive
Sales and Marketing: When Squeaky Isn't Clean
by Gary Coon  Pages: 14-16 read more
Dealer Profile: Tornado in Joplin - Culligan GM Reports on the Aftermath
by Denise M. Roberts  Pages: 42-45 read more
Water Matters: Brazilian Requirements for POU/POE Products
by Laura Moorman  Pages: 46-48 read more
On Tap: Germany's E. coli Outbreak and Water Quality Protection Needs
by Kelly A. Reynolds, MSPH, Ph.D.  Pages: 50-52 read more
Viewpoint: What now, Batman?
by Kurt C. Peterson, Publisher  Pages: 6 read more