April 2013
Volume 55 Number 4
Cationic Water Treatment Options, Part 2
by Everett Nichols, PhD, MSPH  Pages: 20-23
Polymeric cationic flocculants are comprised of amine groups, which are an integral part of the chemical structure of the cationic monomeric units that are contained within the polymer chains.   read more
How to Win the Race for Everyone: Waste Management Solutions for Businesses
by Daniel L. Theobald  Pages: 24-28
Industry will always lead the way in the adaptation of new technology, and especially the technology of conservation. This is not necessarily for any ideological reason, but because the people who manage water use better understand the economic incentives for adopting new technology.   read more
Hydrodynamic Design, Part 4: Flows Through Valves
by C.F. 'Chubb' Michaud, CWS-VI  Pages: 30-32
In Part 4 of this series, we look at how pressure drop is measured when water flows through valves. How do valves differ? We will also look at the meaning and purpose of using fixture-count determinations for sizing pipes and equipment.  read more
Trace Capacity Number Reveals Best Activated Carbon
by Henry Nowicki, PhD and MBA  Pages: 34-38
The Trace Capacity Number Gas-phase (TCN) test method helps determine the best activated carbon for removal of trace concentrations of water soluble small molecules.   read more
Key Strategies for Successful International Sales Expansion
by James Dallan  Pages: 40-42
At a time when North American markets are steady, but not growing rapidly enough for manufacturing and supplying companies to attain their increasing sales objectives, one must not overlook the substantial opportunities that exists abroad for the extensive gamut of North American made and supplied water treatment products.   read more
Web Exclusive
Dealer Profile: Dramatic Water Solutions Takes on Georgia's Unique Water Issues
by Denise M. Roberts  Pages: 44-46 read more
Water Matters: Where's the Manual? Look at Literature Requirements for Fountain Beverage Drinking Water Treatment Systems
by Rick Andrew  Pages: 48-50 read more
On Tap: Evidence of Drug-Resistant Bacteria in Water
by Kelly A. Reynolds, MSPH, PhD  Pages: 52-54 read more
Viewpoint: A changing industry dynamic
by Kurt C. Peterson, Publisher  Pages: 6 read more