July 2013
Volume 55 Number 7
Membrane Treatment of Complex Well Water: A Case Study
by Gary Battenberg, Nancy Prosser and Stephen Wiman, PhD  Pages: 28 - 38
For much of the Southwest, water is in very short supply and conservation is a top priority for state governments, municipalities and commercial and residential users. Of equal concern are the quality and aesthetics of the water.   read more
Hydrodynamic Design, Part 7: Flow Through Media Filters
by C.F. 'Chubb' Michaud, CWS-VI  Pages: 40 - 43
In Part 5 of this series, it was pointed out that in order to achieve uniform plug flow, laterals have to be engineered for distribution and full media bed utility.   read more
Web Exclusive
Dealer Profile: Florida Energy Water & Air Employs Strategic Diversification for Multiple Product Success
by R.E. Schingoethe  Pages: 44 - 47 read more
Water Matters: POU RO Efficiency and Daily Production Rate
by Rick Andrew  Pages: 48 - 50 read more
On Tap: Hitting A Moving Target: Regulation of 1,4-Dioxane in Drinking Water
by Kelly A. Reynolds, MSPH, PhD  Pages: 52 - 54 read more
Viewpoint: Summer water quality—a sizzling topic
by Kurt C. Peterson, Publisher  Pages: 10 read more