February 2002
Volume 44 Number 2
Trade Show: WQA 2002 -- New Orleans Offers Revival for Annual Water Industry Gathering
by Carlos David Mogollón, WC&P Executive Editor
WQA's Peter Censky noted, since Mid-Year Leadership Conference scheduled week after East Coast terrorist attacks was cancelled last fall, there's much work for the POU/POE industry in Louisiana...  read more
Trade Show: Managing to Improve -- 10 Areas of Emphasis for Workplace Leaders
by William Blades
Time spent away from the office at trade shows offers a good chance to review what makes a good manager...  read more
Trade Show: Training for International Success
by John Kent
Being successful in business requires keeping an open mind on multi-cultural differences, often on display at conventions and exhibitions...  read more
Trade Show: Ten Steps for a Successful Trade Show
by Susan Friedman
Organizations that provide water treatment products and services often find themselves at trade shows with little guidance for how to be successful...  read more
SPECIAL SECTION: Winter Showcase

Three times a year, WC&P offers you a special chance to see the latest products and services in the POU/POE water treatment industry...  read more
The Outlook for Water: Market Uncertainties Present Challenging Business Environment
by Matthias Kubr
Regardless of, or maybe enhanced by, terrorist attacks last year, U.S. residential water treatment market outlook is good, despite challenges to the overall economy...  read more
Gas Chlorine: An Effective Residential Water Treatment
by Gary Wright
Due to misinformation and confusion, gas chlorine is often overlooked in residential water treatment...  read more
Disinfection & Sanitation: Dental Waterline Contamination
by Jerry M. Mark and Robyn Gordon
Dental waterlines have their own set of bacterial issues to confront. Solutions, outlined here, compare advantages...  read more
TOC Analysis of Brine Samples: Sample Load Performance Evaluation
by Brian Wallace
Analyzing organic carbon contamination is a concern of many water and wastewater treatment labs...  read more
Factors Affecting the Brine Efficiency of Softeners -- Revisited: The Quest for Perfection
by C.F. (Chubb) Michaud, CWS-VI
Community efforts to extend use of water supplies, as in California, by recycling wastewater creates challenges for softener dealers...  read more
WQA Recertification Quiz -- February 2002

WC&P offers WQA-certified readers a chance three times a year to earn credit toward recertification...  read more
Hot Water Sanitization & RO: A Plain and Simple Introduction
by Brian Wise and Anthony S. Urciuoli
Sanitizing membranes using hot water has gained usage as a practical alternative to traditional options...  read more
Sorting Through the DWTU Issue: Getting to the Bottom of Standards
by Thomas Palkon
For drinking water treatment unit manufacturers, earning certifiction of their products and meeting regulatory requirements is an arduous road...  read more
Looking Behind a Water Survey: What the Numbers Mean
by Nancy Lucas
A survey released last year gauges consumer awareness and concerns about water quality; its details offer many marketing ideas for untapped potential revenue...  read more
In Search of a Magic Wand: A Pragmatic Plan for Global Potable Water
by George Greenbaum
A simple perforated plastic pipe with end-caps could serve as an easy-to-construct, easy-to-use conduit for safe water in rural areas of many developing countries...  read more
Activity-Based Learning for Water Treatment Operators
by Kevin Kundert
An interactive CD-ROM/Online program for operator training developed in Montana shows promise in improving small system water quality...  read more
Avoiding the Lotus Lag: Implementing Accelerator Software
by Gordon Dorworth
Already a complex, frustrating matter for dealers, delays with widely popular Lotus programs can be overcome with simple software to speed up performance...  read more
Delivering the Goods: Paving the Route to Faster Service for Bottled Water & Cooler Services
by Bob Zink
For bottled water distributors, managing diverse operations and meeting customer supply and demand are challenges that automated route systems can ease...  read more
Pulling Water from the Air, Part 1: An Above-the-Ground Alternative
by James J. Reidy
Harvesting humidity in the air for an effective source of potable water is becoming more practical every day...  read more
Removing THMs by Membrane Contactors in an Ultrapure Water Plant
by Avijit Dey, Gareth Thomas, Kiran Arun Kekre and Tao Guihe
THMs in water pose a greater risk in pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries where the slightest contamination creates big problems...  read more
Sanitation: Pollution-Free Conversion of Sludge for Effective Wastewater Applications
by William T. Wofford
Small communities and companies maintaining wastewater treatment facilities face a tedious, costly proposition in dealing with sludge...  read more
Wet Waste Issues: Commercial and Industrial Applications
by Chuck Cini
Reducing wet waste solids in commercial operations can be a critical issue in assisting businesses to meet growing restrictions on effluent streams...  read more
Web Exclusive
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