March 2002
Volume 44 Number 3
Principles of Filtration: How Do Filters Filter Anyway?
by Larry Henke
Filtration has long been an important technique in water treatment, but is often not well understood...  read more
Filtration: Fouling Phenomena -- Clearing Up the Confusion
by Peter S. Cartwright, P.E., CWS-VI
Ask a handful of water treatment professionals to describe fouling and you may hear many different definitions...  read more
Filtration: Changes in the Activated Carbon Industry
by Henry Nowicki, Ph.D., Mick Greenbank, Ph.D., and Barbara Sherman
In two decades, the price of activated carbon has fallen 75%. This, along with requirements for maintaining quality, has created a rapid evolution in the industry...  read more
Financing Riskier Customers: Weighing the Pros & Cons
by Rick Bowe
Selling more products in today's competitive market requires water treatment dealers to rely on more than just cash and credit card sales...  read more
Meeting Your Business Finance Needs: What Steps You Can Take
by Joe Helstrom
When selling relatively expensive water treatment equipment to consumers, alternative financing options are often necessary to close the sale...  read more
Ensuring Coverage: Insurance & Liability Protection for Water Treatment Dealers
by John Larkin
The small business insurance industry has shifted starkly characterized by higher general rates -- even prior to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks in the United States...  read more
Direct Marketing Today: The Rules Have Changed
by Dale T. Filhaber
In tough economic times, companies struggle more than ever to maintain sales, market share and spend their limited marketing dollars wisely and efficiently...  read more
DI Basics: Understanding Deionization
by James A. Hunt
Deionization is often overlooked as a practical water treatment technology; but, in effect, every technology uses DI to a certain degree...  read more
Precoat Filtration for Commercial/Industrial Applications
by Jim Larsen
An effective separation technology withstanding the test of time, precoat filtration has gone through quite a metamorphasis...  read more
Pulling Water from the Air, Part 2: Looking Skyward for Help -- The Air We Breathe Offers Potential Source for Potable Water
by Elton Moore, Martha Dunwoody and Brian Whipple
With access to potable water more limited as populations rise and cities expand, new ways of finding the vital resource get more creative...  read more
Standards for Safe Drinking Water: Sound Science & Good Management -- Recipe for Healthy Tap Water
by Roland J. Wall
One of the most basic expectations of citizens from industrialized nations is that tap water be clean and safe...  read more
Third Party Testing: Meeting Requirements of the Product
by Troy Ethen
Until recently, certification testing of drinking water treatment units was rearely required...  read more
Arsenic in Water: A Brief Overview
by Howard Ray
The new arsenic standard was the result of many years of negotiation between the business, scientific and regulatory communities about the element's health effects...  read more
Arsenic: Raising Awareness to Increase POU Sales
by Bill McCann
Recent market research indicates consumers, although mindful that arsenic is harmful, may not be cognizant of its presence in their drinking water...  read more
A Distinguishing Difference: The Thirst for Bottled Water
by Craig Beckman
You'd be hard-pressed to turn on a TV, flip through a newspaper or drive down the street without seeing a bottled water advertisement...  read more
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