April 2002
Volume 44 Number 4
Membrane Separation: Primary Factors Influencing RO Membrane Permeate Flow
by David H. Paul
Membrane water treatment involves applying water under pressure to a synthetic, semipermeable membrane to purify water by means of -- most often -- reverse osmosis...  read more
New WQA President’s Report: Building Pathways to a Greater Association in 2002
by Robert B. Ruhstorfer, CWS-V
Bob Ruhstorfer, head of RainSoft/Division of Aquion Partners LP, Elk Grove, Village, Ill., is the 2002-2003 president of the Water Quality Association...  read more
Drinking Water, Microbiology and Home Defense
by Dale W. Griffin, MSPH, Ph.D.
Most of us don't give a second thought to drinking out of our home taps. We assume it poses little if any risk to our welfare. The reality is there is a risk...  read more
Microbial Waterborne Disease: Are We at Risk?
by Kristina D. Mena, MSPH, Ph.D.
Using USEPA recommended levels of acceptable risk for different pathogens, risk assessments for microbiological contamination in various water sources are vital to protect public health...  read more
Chlorine, Chloramine and Chlorine Dioxide Regulations in California
by Terry Macaulay and Loretta Trapp
The following is a clarification of new rules in California regarding disinfectants and devices that may remove them from drinking water...  read more
Meeting the New Arsenic Standard with a New Iron-Based Adsorbent Media: POU Applications
by Gary L. Hatch, Ph.D.
POU drinking water treatment units that utilize this new granular ferric hydroxide adsorbent can offer small community water systems an economical solution for effective removal of As III and As V, simultaneously, to meet the new USEPA arsenic standard...  read more
In the Aquarium with Ozone: A Matter of Living Clarity?
by John M. Overby
Unlike most water treatment applications, public aquariums need to preserve the many living organisms existing in the water. To that end, ozone has become a valuable alternative...  read more
Getting Ready for Spring: Water in an Emergency
by Chris Floyd
With spring come droughts, floods, tornadoes, mudslides -- and let's not forget hurricane season. Here are preparedness tips from the Tallahassee, Fla., chapter of the American Red Cross...  read more
Growth Alert: U.S. Cleans Up with Bioremediation Markets
by Karen Rasmussen
With groundwater contamination from contaminants such as MTBE and perchlorate, bioremediation and water treatment show great promise, says the Environmental Research Group manager of Frost & Sullivan...  read more
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