May 2002
Volume 44 Number 5
Commercial/Industrial: Ion Exchange for Water Recycling in Semiconductor Manufacturing
by Alex Lebrijas
When factoring economic and environmental concerns, companies looking to get into ultrapure water applications are encouraged to seek a water recycling program...  read more
WQA New Orleans 2002: Organized Chaos Leads the Way for a Year of Strategic Planning
by Carlos David Mogollón, WC&P Executive Editor
A number of things seemed in disarray as the 28th annual WQA Convention & Exhibition got under way. For one, attendance was down sharply...  read more
A Virtual Tour of the WQA Convention
by Carlos David Mogollón and Ronald Y. Pérez, WC&P Editors
A day-by-day account of select committee and task force presentations at the 2002 WQA Convention, March 5-9, in New Orleans...  read more
Respiratory Protection in Drinking Water Plants
by Henry G. Nowicki, Ph.D., and Barbara Sherman
OSHA's most cited health and safety violation in water utilities is poor respiratory protection, regardless of whether it's a small system or a large one...  read more
TTHMs, TCE & PCE: Drinking Water Contaminants & Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes
by Frank Bove
Considerable public concern exists on effects of exposure to drinking water contaminants on the health of infants, children and expectant mothers...  read more
DBPs: Optimizing and Applying Activated Carbon for Trihalomethane Removal
by Kimberly Thompson
Drinking water is often made safer by chlorination but with this disinfection method come other residuals, such as THMs, with negative health consequences...  read more
Water Quality Association Recertification Quiz -- May 2002
by Mark Rowzee, WQA Education Director
Three times a year, the Water Quality Association and WC&P team up to provide you a chance to earn CWS recertification credits.  read more
Planning to Succeed in Commercial Reverse Osmosis
by Walt Crandall
Residential water treatment dealers may be daunted by resources and work required for commercial RO markets, but the rewards are worth the effort...  read more
A Dealer Perspective: Awarding Fun in the Workplace
by Christine P. Fletcher
A New Hampshire water treatment dealer tells how her staff embraced a more lighthearted approach to making the workplace more enjoyable and productive...  read more
Web Exclusive
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