June 2002
Volume 44 Number 6
Status of UV Disinfection of Municipal Drinking Water Systems in North America
by Thomas Hargy
Despite studies that have shown ultraviolet light to be very effective in inactivating protozoa, it often seems to get overlooked.  read more
Ultraviolet Light in TOC Reduction
by James Dallan
While activated carbon, RO and DI are frequently used for total organic carbon reduction, UV is frequently employed as a final step in ultrapure applications.  read more
Ultraviolet Disinfection for Small Systems
by Nadia Abboud
Use of UV light for disinfection has become an increasingly popular, economical and safe alternative to traditional disinfection in small systems.  read more
Small Systems: Enhancing Coagulation with Calcium Addition
by Charles R. O'Melia and William C. Becker
Interaction of calcium ions with natural organic matter (NOM) may lower demand for conventional metal coagulants, reducing sludge and increasing precursor removal.  read more
Tailor-Made Coagulants for Industrial Water Treatment
by Jordi Batlle and Josep Lluis Bisbal
Coagulation and flocculation can be tricky topics for professional water treatment dealers needing to incorporate them into commercial/industrial applications.  read more
Microbial Issues: New Methods of Detection of Waterborne Microbial Contamination
by Troy M. Scott, Ph.D., and Joan B. Rose, Ph.D.
As research continues, detection methods for waterborne pathogens have become more efficient in making water supplies safer for a wider range of populations.  read more
Reality-Based Strategic Planning
by Lynn Kahn, CAE
Reassessing any organization are important to evaluating its goals and adjusting them to current realities, says the consultant hired by the WQA to help it do just that.  read more
Instrumentation: Flow Measurement with Impeller Flow Sensor

Having a good handle on flow rates and how to best measure them is fundamental to any water treatment project.  read more
WQA Expands the Arsenic Issues
by Henry Nowicki, Ph.D., and Barbara Sherman
A review of just a few of the many arsenic seminars that were hosted by the WQA in March reveals much about the future of POU/POE water treatment.  read more
Web Exclusive
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