July 2002
Volume 44 Number 7
Residential RO Units: A Fundamental Approach
by David H. Paul
RO membranes are amazing. They're regarded as the tightest "filters" made...  read more
RO: Varied Applications and Cost Effectiveness -- A Dealer’s View
by Stan Barnes
One water treatment dealer explains the evolution of its move from deionization tanks to RO systems...  read more
A Comparison of DE and Crossflow Filtration: Just the Facts, Ma’am
by Mel J. Mirliss
Diatomaceous earth (DE) and crossflow -- or membrane -- filtration have a number of commercial/industrial applications in common...  read more
10 Things You Should Know about Pool Chemistry and Water Testing
by Joe Sweazy and Drew Chuppe
Summer is the pool and spa season, so here are a few tips for you on pool and spa water chemistry...  read more
Filters Based on Bioactive Nanofibers
by Fred Tepper and Leonid Kaledin
Bioactive nano-alumina fibers, incorporated into depth filters, attract and retain virus and other macromolecules by electrostatic forces...  read more
Water Stores Meet Needs of Consumers and Contractors Alike
by Sam Karge
The water store concept has evolved in recent years from a fill-your-own bottle operation to a full-service, one-stop water treatment needs outlet...  read more
UV: Is the Water Your’e Drinking Safe?
by Bruce Eccleston
With advanced research in the last few years, UV has elevated itself to a more significant role in assuring microbially safe drinking water...  read more
A Solution at the Source? Defining & Solving Manure-Borne Pathogen Transmission from Animal Feed Operations
by Jeanette Thurston-Enriquez
Water treatment dealers in rural areas may find themselves working with livestock operations, whether to help deal with animal waste or treat feed water to improve consumption...  read more
Cancer Risks from Radon (222Rn) in Drinking Water
by Stan Rydell, Ph.D.
While contaminants such as arsenic and radium have been in the news more often of late, radon remains of great concern to the water treatment industry...  read more
SPECIAL SECTION: Summer Showcase

Three times a year, WC&P brings you the latest products and services for the water treatment industry in a special seasonal presentation...  read more
Web Exclusive
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