August 2002
Volume 44 Number 8
The Great Activated Carbon Dilemma: Making Sure You’re Comparing Apples with Apples
by Neal Megonnell
A recent study comparing performance of lignite-based activated carbons to bituminous-based ones for drinking water treatment pointed out differences...  read more
LETTERS: Hullabaloo over carbon
by Laurence G. D’Alberti
read more
Carbon: Understanding ASTM Activated Carbon Standards
by Kenneth E. Schaeffer
Manufacturers, distributors, buyers and users of activated carbon media undoubtedly have seen various terms and test methods used to specify the product...  read more
Carbon: The Quest for the Holy Grail -- Microbiological Carbon Block Filters
by Evan E. Koslow, Ph.D., Shawn C. Nielsen and Michael J. Rook
As the water treatment industry tackles the threat of microbiological contaminants, companies are continually searching for better means to address the issue...  read more
Carbon: pH & Carbon, Part 1 of 2 -- Controlling pH Rise with pH Stabilized Activated Carbons
by J. Michael Havelka
Controlling the pH rise in water run through a fresh carbon bed can be frustrating for water treatment dealers...  read more
WQA Recertification Quiz -- August 2002

The quiz this month is based on the article in this issue by J. Michael Havelka, "pH & Carbon, Part 1 of 2: Controlling pH Rise with pH Stabilized Activated Carbon."  read more
Bringing the Power of Chlorine Dioxide to New Markets
by Michael Cochran
Previously regulated to very specific needs in water treatment, chlorine dioxide is expanding its wings within the industry...  read more
Small Systems: Groundwater -- To Disinfect or Not? That is the Question
by Glenn Dostal, P.E.
While waterborne diseases resulting from groundwater contamination is rare, recent outbreaks in public water systems prompted the USEPA to reexamine vulnerability of groundwater systems...  read more
Water Softeners & Salt: Still a Dealer’s Foundation
by Richard L. Hanneman
A generation ago, ion exchange softeners were the core of most water treatment dealers' business...  read more
UV Talk Sweeps the Country: First IUVA Meeting Kicks Off in New York
by Thomas M. Hargy
The IUVA has initiated a series of ultraviolet disinfection one-day regional workshops to further education on UV use in water treatment...   read more
Web Exclusive
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