September 2002
Volume 44 Number 9
INTERNATIONAL: Making a World of Difference -- The Outlook for the WQA World Assembly Division
by Andrew Warnes
The idea for starting the WQA World Assembly Division began in 1992 during a WQA Internatioanl Committee meeting at Chicago's O'Hare Airport...  read more
INTERNATIONAL: Russia -- The Changing Tide in the Water Sector
by K. Ravi
Russia's track record in water and wastewater infrastructure isn't enviable, if one goes by the following statistics...  read more
INTERNATIONAL: Getting to the Point in Europe -- POU Grows Despite Entrenched ‘Natural’ Culture
by Gary Roethenbaugh
Europe's consumers tend to be aufait, or well informed, about the hydration message that water providers repeatedly label marketing intiatives....  read more
INTERNATIONAL: Aqua Europa -- A Shuffle at the Top

Luc Chantraine appointed as president in contentious voting for new leadership. More neutral head opens door for expeditious resolution of harmonization conflicts...  read more
INTERNATIONAL: The UK and European Acceptance Scheme -- The Effects of Materials on Water Quality
by Guy Franklin
Water intended for human consumption is treated to remove harmful substances and transmitted through pipes to the consumer..  read more
INTERNATIONAL: Water Well Drilling -- Saving the Outskirts of Turkey with Drinking Water
by Peggy Striegel and Suzanne Ortiz
Recently, seven water well drilling rigs via an American company were sold to the Turkish government...  read more
INTERNATIONAL: North American Development Bank -- Initiatives in the U.S.-Mexico Border Region
by Linda D. Wurts Martinez
Along the U.S./Mexico border where Arizona sits -- about 225 million years ago -- was a swampy playground for dinosaurs...   read more
INTERNATIONAL: H2O Americas -- Developing a Vision for the Hemisphere
by Hans P. Beets
The 2002 Annual Institute of the Americas water conference brought together key decision-makers from US and Latin American businesses and governments...   read more
INTERNATIONAL: On-Site Mixed Oxidants Demonstrate Benefits in Puerto Rico
by Carlos Gonzalez
Bouyed by stateside evidence supporting its claims one company is looking to expand by implementing on-site mixed oxidant generators in Puerto Rico...  read more
INTERNATIONAL: Does Point-of-Use for the Developing World Really Work?
by Thomas P. Warwick
When the goal is to bring potable water to developing countries, a point-of-use device's technology is only a small part of the solution...  read more
Putting Strength in Filtering Operations: Valve Actuators for Water Works Plants
by Fred Underwood
Due to stricter government rules, water plants must meet certain conditions regarding their operations. None is more crucial than the filtering process...  read more
The Benefits of Nitrogen Monitoring by High Temperature Combustion
by Mike Purcell and Brian Wallace
Failure to control nitrogen effluent can cost time and money. Total nitrogen by high temperature combustion oxidation offers a quick, efficient way to...  read more
Marketing in a Slow Economy -- Five Tips for Survivors
by Sally Koepke
When the economy is down, consider new ways to make customers sit up and take notice. Examples here are from Pentair, Parker Hannifin, CUNO, Kinetico and Nelsen Corp...  read more
pH & Carbon, Part 2 of 2: Causes of pH Changes through Activated Carbon Adsorbers
by Mick Greenbank, Ph.D., Henry G. Nowicki, Ph.D., and Barbara Sherman
A change in water's pH indicates a shift in the balance between acids and bases -- and is usually caused by an addition of an impurity...  read more
A Detective’s Approach to Successful Water Treatment Projects
by Robert Slovak
Author of the WQA's A Practical Application Manual for Residential, Point of Use Reverse Osmosis Systems offers tips for water treatment professionals...  read more
ASCE’s Water Treatment Competition: Civil Engineering Students Compete in a Battle of Mind Over Filth
by Lindsay J. Keller
The first ever student competition was held in June at the University of Wisconsin as part of the 150th anniversary of the American Society of Civil Engineers...  read more
Web Exclusive
Bioterrorism Awareness: An Interview with the Lake Bluff, Ill., Fire Chief
by Carlos David Mogollón, WC&P Executive Editor
Not only is Robert Graham chief of the Lake Bluff Volunteer Fire Department near Chicago, he's a member of a state committee on disaster and bioterrorism preparedness and spoke on the subject to the Illinois WQA chapter...  read more
Viewpoint: Waterborne Contaminants Around the World, Aquatech Amsterdam & 9/11 Revisited read more
Where Hard Water Equals a Jolly Good Ol' Time: Harvey Softeners Ltd., of Surrey, United Kingdom read more
Bottom Line: Is Your Communication Clearly Misunderstood? read more
A Moment with Enting’s Mel Entingh read more
China -- A Changing Landscape for Manufacturers and Certifiers read more
Bioremediation: Using Microbes to Clean Up Hazardous Waste read more
Website of the Month: Site-Seeing Around the World -- Exploring Water with the Net read more