October 2002
Volume 44 Number 10
An Old West Adventure in Phoenix: The IBWA Goes Full Guns in the Desert
by Max Busetti
Under the banner of “Blazing New Trails,” IBWA intends to outdo itself with a program designed to meet the highest standards of today’s industry professionals...  read more
Bottled Water: A Perspective on the New Titans
by Kathleen J. Ransome
Growth in the bottled water industry after two decades continues to come in strong. But the industry and the forces driving it have changed dramatically...  read more
Maximizing Productivity from Down Under: A Bottled Water Company Finds the Right Fit
by Craig Garrett
Neverfail Springwater Ltd., an Australian bottled water com-pany, supplies four- and five-gallon (or 15- and 19-liter) bottles of natural spring water to businesses...  read more
Private Labeled Bottled Water: A Profitable Niche in a Fast-Growing Industry
by Bruce Kucera
Home-delivered bottled water services thrive in many parts of the country, and the market for small bottles is exploding.   read more
Bottled Water: Has it Really Changed?
by Richard Pellerito
Looking back on almost 30 years in the bottled water industry, I find myself asking, How much has it really changed? It seems that almost everywhere you go today, a water cooler has found its way into the building...   read more

Three times a year, WC&P highlights for you the latest products and services available in the water treatment industry in a special showcase.   read more
pH Control Systems: Six Options for Small Operators
by Joe Novak
Different types of applications require different pH control systems. This article describes six basic types of pH control systems...  read more
Using Ozone in the Prevention of Bacterial Biofilm Formation and Scaling
by Ronald L. Barnes and D. Kevin Caskey
This article is designed to introduce concepts behind the use of non-dissolved ozone gas against biofilm formation within swimming pools and spas...  read more
Air & Water: Interesting Uses for Ozone in the Home
by Ed Knueve & Ted Rich
The benefits of using ozone in a water treatment system can be maximized by learning as much as possible about the water being treated...  read more
How POU Devices Reduce Arsenic: Tracking Three Demonstration Studies
by P. (Regu) Regunathan, Ph.D., & Joseph F. Harrison, P.E., CWS-VI
Point-of-use/point-of-entry (POU/POE) devices are used for reducing contaminants in drinking water. Traditionally, aesthetic improvement of water, such as reducing chlorine...  read more
Flush With Pride: How Pumps Saved the ‘Seventh Inning Stretch’ in New Baseball Stadium
by David Lazar
The new PNC Park baseball stadium for the Pittsburgh Pirates requires a great deal of water -- especially for the bathroom breaks during the “seventh-inning stretch.” To meet these water supply demands...  read more
Web Exclusive
Water as a Source for Magnesium
by Paul Mason
Magnesium has been used to augment drinking water since ancient times to make it healthier...  read more
Viewpoint: Pentair buys Plymouth Products, USFilter sells waterworks division; and the 8×8-oz. rule under fire read more
Making All the Right Choices in the Lone Star State -- Choice Water Conditioning of Pflugerville, Texas read more
World Spotlight: Combating Disaster & Building Communities -- Working the Waterways in the Dominican Republic read more
A to Z with Charger Water’s Buzz Goldstein read more
Bottled Water -- A Primer to Proper Operations read more
Water Quality Issues Along the US-Mexico Border read more
Website of the Month: Following the Pipeline to Plumbing Online -- Reacquainting Yourself with a Vast Industry read more