December 2002
Volume 44 Number 12
Disinfection By-Product Reduction Using On-Site Generated Mixed Oxidants in Groundwater Treatment
by Beth Hamm
Passage of the USEPA D/DBP Rule is driving utilities -- large and small -- to look for methods to reduce disinfection by-product formation...  read more
Chemical Feed: The Trouble with Polymers
by Greg Kriebel
Coagulants and flocculants are just two types of chemicals that may be used in water treatment to help remove unwanted contaminants. Don't forget polymers...  read more
Modern Centrifugal Pumps: Trying to Solve the Mystery
by Bill McNally
Use of pumps in water treatment applications seems like a rather mundane process. Upon review, though, this decision shouldn't be taken lightly as almost all designs have some maintenance issues.  read more
Membrane Separation on the Maple Syrup Farm: Getting Sappy Over the Results
by Yvon Pellerin
What does reverse osmosis have to do with maple syrup? You'd be surprised. Here's just another example of how RO has infiltrated all types of applications with effective results.  read more
The Hard Facts on the Microbiological Aspects of a Softener Study
by Francesca Casabela, Mario Colombino, Tiziana Polizzi and Colin Fricker
The discussion of water softeners and how they should be standardized has become a hot-button issue in the past year in the United States and Europe regarding heterotrophic bacteria...  read more
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