February 2003
Volume 45 Number 2
WQA Unveils New Format in Show Promises to be More Dealer-Friendly
by John B. Ferguson
The 29th Annual WQA Educational Conference and Exhibition in Las Vegas will feature significant revisions to both the educational conference (March 18-22) as well as the exhibition (March 20-21)...   read more
Six Sigma How It Can Improve Your Trade Show Results
by Charles M. Monroe and Chuck Cox
When WC&P suggested we de-scribe Six Sigma and discuss its application to trade shows, we did our homework by jumping on a plane and visiting the Computer Dealers Exposition (Comdex) in Las Vegas...   read more
A Strategic Vision for the WQA? More Views from the Trenches
by Carlos David Mogollón, WC&P Executive Editor
Following is the second installment of our series allowing Water Quality Association (WQA) members to express themselves on repositioning of the association. Here, we include the views of Ed Fierko, Tony Frost, Evan Koslow and Peter Cartwright.  read more
Waterborne Contaminants: Emerging Issues—Copper, Chloramines and Water Conditioners
by Dick Chmielewski and Peter Meyers
Recently, a handful of PEDI operators in California were cited for excessive discharges of copper. Here’s an explanation on how and why this could happen, as well as some suggestions...  read more
Perchlorate Contamination and Current Treatment Options
by Angela Wheland
Fearful of human health risks, perchlorate has been studied by many organizations, including the AWWA, in recent years...  read more
Wastewater: Membrane Technologies for Wastewater and Chemical Processing Applications
by Peter S. Cartwright, PE, CWS-VI
Arguably, the greatest potential for membrane separation technologies is in wastewater treatment and chemical processing applications, yet they’re the least publicized...  read more
Wastewater: Nanofiltration in DI Rinse Recycle—A Case Study
by James A. Hunt
This article is based on a paper presented at the 20th Membrane/Separations Technology Planning Conference, November 2002, Newton, Mass. The author thanks event organizer BCC Inc. for permission to reprint it here...  read more
WQA Recertification Quiz

As another winter winds down, we offer you the first opportunity in 2003 to recover from New Year’s resolutions and post-holiday doldrums for some bookworm mania...  read more
Bioterrorism Prevention: Awareness, Planning & Preparedness—The Key to ‘Normalcy’ after 9/11
by Robert Graham
The following information was provided by the chief of the Lake Bluff, Ill., Fire Department, who is a member of a state anti-terrorism task force and gave a presentation on this topic...  read more
Investing in Water—A Long-Term Profitable Endeavor
by Debra G. Coy
You may have seen her column in the last issue of the USFilter magazine "Wave." Here the author, vice president of Schwab Capital Markets L.P.'s Washington Research Group, lends her perspective to WC&P readers...  read more
New Test Methods for the Activated Carbon Industry
by Mick Greenbank, Henry Nowicki, Homer Yute & Barbara Sherman
During the last 10 years, many activated carbon (AC) suppliers and users have been confronted with new challenges for their AC applications...  read more
Where in the Well It All Starts: Residential Water Pumps
by Tom McDermott & Dave Greisinger
Over 1.5 billion people use water wells as their primary source of drinking water. In the United States, 10 million private water wells supply drinking, washing, bathing and irrigation water...  read more
How Mold Can Ruin a Business—What Steps You Need to Take
by John Larkin
This article—based on one that ran in the WQANewsFax in January—discusses mold, insurance and how claims against water treatment dealers like you can cause serious financial and business hardship...  read more
Eight Steps to a Smart Legal Document Retention Policy
by James G. Derouin
As a sign of the times, none other than Time magazine named “Whistleblowers” as its People of the Year in 2002. Whether it’s Enron, Worldcom, Tyco, Adelphia, etc., the issue of corporate scandal has risen...  read more
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