March 2003
Volume 45 Number 3
Carbon: Why Some Products Don’t Measure Up
by Neal Megonnell
A case study in a California town illustrates the point that not all carbons are alike and offers tips for those looking to distinguish among the many types on the market.  read more
VOC Treatment: Go and Make It Happen!
by Jeffrey Twitchell
Activated carbon and aeration are two methods used to eliminate volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from drinking water...  read more
Direct Capillary Nanofiltration—A New High-Grade Purification Concept
by Harry Futselaar, Henk Schonewille and Walter van der Meer
Capillary nanofiltration enables raw water to be treated in a single step to produce high quality permeate that can be used as industrial process water...  read more
New Study Reports Corrosion Costs to Drinking Water Systems
by Michiel P.H. Brongers
With the many water main breaks experienced this winter nationwide, it's clear underground forces are causing U.S. water costs to soar. One of those forces is corrosion...  read more
A Preview of the `Other’ Show—NACE International Corrosion 2003
by Raymond Poltorak
Over 7,000 of the world's leading corrosion engineers, etc., will meet March 16 in San Diego for the 58th Annual Corrosion Conference, highlighted by a recent 2-year study focusing on preventive strategies...  read more
A Strategic Vision for the WQA? (Part 3): Keeping It All Together Under One Umbrella
by Carlos David Mogollón, WC&P Executive Editor
In the final installment of this series, we introduce the comments of WQA outgoing president Bob Ruhstorfer, Rich Lorenzen, Danny Taragan, Bob Boerner, Dan Wyckoff and Issa Al-Kharusy...  read more
POE Arsenic Reduction: New Adsorptive Alternative for Whole House Treatment
by Greg Gilles
Examining the history and unfolding events surrounding arsenic toxicity and treatment, clearly the issue isn't going away. POE technology offers one of the less costly solutions for households...  read more
Trade Show: Winnow Out the Usual Suspects—Four Habits for Working a Trade Show Effectively
by Larry Lewis
Follow the author's advice for some common gaffes to avoid at trade shows and tips for making it a more successful and profitable experience...  read more
N-Halamine Technology for Developing Nations: Providing Clean Water to Impoverished Homes
by D. Duane Dunk and Jeffrey F. Williams, Ph.D.
For underdeveloped countries, one treatment gaining wider acceptance for supplying purified water to residents is based on combining chlorine and N-halamine disinfection technology...  read more
Message in a Bottle: Five Valuable Tips for the Home Delivery Business
by Bruce Kucera
As demand for bottled water grows, so do options of water bottling businesses to identify and develop market niches...  read more
Inside Committee D-19 on Water: Finding Consensus the ASTM Way
by Nathalie H. (Dee) Perkins
ASTM Committee D-19 contains 400 members divided into 10 subcommittees with more than 153 task groups, focusing on the study of water...  read more
Web Exclusive
Arsenic: New Mexico Seminar Showcases Several Innovative Treatment Methodologies A Review
by Tom Carmody & Richard S. Dennis
In October, a meeting was sponsored to bring water treatment industry leaders together to identify problems and solutions for communities struggling to meet the new arsenic rule...  read more
From the Ground Up: Look Under Your Feet for Future Opportunities
by C.F. (Chubb) Michaud, CWS-VI
The inundation of rain and snow in recent months is misleading as to the severity of the drought for the last several years. One option not fully exploited to resolve resulting problems is groundwater...  read more
Viewpoint: Of Website Updates, California, & State/Regional Chapter Support! read more
Where Paradise is Never Lost: ClearWater Systems Ltd. of Hamilton, Bermuda read more
PipeLines: An Overview of Local Issues & Other Activities within the Associations read more
Drinking Water Dollars: Taking Aim at the Next Acquisition Target read more
Material Extraction Testing of Activated Carbon: A Tale of Two Standards read more
The Benefits of HPC Bacteria in POU/POE Devices—Latest Study Results read more
Website of the Month: A Catchall for Water Treatment—Stroking the Industry with a Broad Site read more