June 2003
Volume 45 Number 6
Filtration—Engineering a New Generation of Depth Filter Technology
by David J. Paulson
Industrial demand for melt-blown filters has experienced tremendous growth over the past 20 years. Advances in filtration material and construction techniques also have presented new opportunities...  read more
Filter Basics—How to Solve the Most Common Pool Filtration Problems
by Alan E. Sanderfoot
Swimming pools require meticulous water care—both when balancing and sanitizing the water...  read more
Valuable Tips for Entry into the Membrane Water Treatment Market
by David H. Paul
Many public and private utilities and water treatment companies are evaluating use of membrane technologies...  read more
Extractable Arsenic and Antimony in Activated Carbons
by Evan Koslow, Ph.D., Michael J. Rook, and Meedia A. Kareem
Several years ago, a comprehensive study of the activated carbon industry showed arsenic...  read more
Web Exclusive
Salt & Chemicals: Latin America`s Salt Industry
by Dick Hanneman
Salt is one of the most common substances on Earth and is as vital a foundation for modern civilization...  read more
Water Purification & Reuse: New Industrial/Municipal Wastewater Recycling Conference Set for June
by Norman N. Li, Ph.D.
A new international conference, Water Purification & Reuse, will be held in Potsdam, Germany, June 9-13...  read more
Viewpoint—Congratulations, it’s a healthy baby!
by Carlos David Mogollón, WC&P Executive Editor read more
Creative Marketin—Filtered Water `All Through the Home` at K/BIS
by David H. Martin read more
Down Home with the Lilleys in the Tar Heel State: Bud`s Water Conditioning Inc., of Camden, N.C.
by Ronald Y. Pérez, WC&P Managing Editor read more
Pipelines—Industry Experts Make Arsenic a Hot Topic in Arizona
by Ronald Y. Pérez, WC&P Managing Editor read more
Drinking Water Dollars—Supply & Demand in Conflict over Future Scarcity?
by Neil D. Berlant read more
Filling the Gap with Aquest’s Oliver
by Carlos David Mogollón, WC&P Executive Editor read more
Water Coolers--The Meeting of Many Standards
by Shannon Murphy read more
Pharmaceuticals in Drinking Water Supplies
by Kelly A. Reynolds, MSPH, Ph.D. read more
Website of the Month—Sifting Through the Internet—When ‘Filter’ Just Isn’t Good Enough
by Ronald Y. Pérez, WC&P Managing Editor read more