July 2003
Volume 45 Number 7
Output Limitations of Pure Water by RO Systems
by Bill Harty
Producing pure water from your RO system may sound like a good idea, but many factors go into calculating such efficiency. Outlined here are 10 instances that can affect the outcome of desired water quality...  read more
Valuable Tips for Entry into the Membrane Water Treatment Market, Part 3 of 3
by David H. Paul
Many public and private utilities and water treatment companies are evaluating use of membrane technologies to meet drinking water needs...  read more
Flexible Tubing Makes for Easy Installations
by Marcia Sampson
Polymer chemistry advances resulted in improved formulations for tubing that have increased its flexibility and elasticity, making it an ideal, safe choice for potable water treatment applications...  read more
Changes in Ultraviolet Light Technologies: Coiled Tubes Offer New Twist
by Jeff Roseman
Recent tests using coiled tubs with UV light in drinking water treatment applicatiosn show promising results for compact design and significant benefits over quartz sleeves...  read more
What to Look for When Choosing a UV System for Your Home
by Ron Hallett, P.E.
Selecting the right water purification solution to ensure your safety is one of the most critical decisions you'll ever make...  read more
Waterborne Pathogen Recovery: Comparing Microbial Repair Mechanisms with Different UV Lamps
by David L. McCarty
It's well known bacteria and other microorganisms are capable of reparing their DNA -- known as "reactivation" -- following damage by UV radiation...  read more
Eliminating Mold & Slime in Swimming Pools
by David Rouse
For years, the only way to maintain a perfectly balanced pool was with traditional chlorine treatment. Now, there's an alternative -- biguanide (PHMB)...  read more
Answering the Critics with Facts: Distillation as the Choice of Reason
by J. Dallan Randall
We see it everywhere -- "Use only distilled water" and "Recommended: Use distilled water" -- on our clothes, car batteries, dental and medical equipment...  read more
Activated Carbon Quality: Separating Fact from Fiction
by J. Michael Havelka
Our industry has been grappling with a long-standing war since the late 1980s -- carbon quality, foreign vs. domestic...  read more
IACMA III: Activated Carbon Manufacturers Join Forces
by Henry Nowicki, Ph.D.
A review of the International Activated Carbon Manufacturers Association at the beginning of April noted an estimated billion pounds of activated carbon is manufactured a year...  read more
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