August 2003
Volume 45 Number 8
A History of Softening
by Peter Meyers
Water treatment has been important to mankind since biblical times...  read more
Water Softening—Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
by C.F. “Chubb” Michaud, CWS-VI
Yesterday While Harm and Rümpler may be credited with the first synthetic zeolites in 1903...  read more
POU/POE Removal of Perchlorate
by Francis Boodoo
Perchlorate now threatens groundwater supplies in at least 22 states...  read more
Pumps: Trying to Keep the ‘Big Easy’ Dry
by Steve Minett
The topography of New Orleans is much like a saucer--every drop of water has to be pumped out. ITT Industries currently has 50 pumps operating in the area and is currently working on a project that will include up to 11 horizontal pumps...  read more
Perchlorate: Using Good Science to Derive a Safe Drinking Water Level
by Richard C. Pleus, Ph.D.
Throughout the country, citizens have become alarmed to learn rocket fuel—actually, an ingredient of it, perchlorate—has been detected in their drinking water...  read more
WCP Recertification Quiz

As you find yourself smack dab in the middle of summer, we offer you the final opportunity in 2003 to secure those credits toward certification with the Water Quality Association...  read more
Automatic Pool Sanitization: All the Benefits of Chlorination without the Hassle
by Scott Newton
Today, 87 percent of all swimming pool owners in the United States trust chlorine products to sanitize their water...  read more
Web Exclusive
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