October 2003
Volume 45 Number 10
Blue Valley Water: Success in a Bottle--Medium-Sized Bottler Finds All the Business It Can Handle
by Bruce Kucera
Blue Valley Water Company is a thriving bottled water firm based in the small east central Oklahoma town of Hartshorne...  read more
Executive Q&A: Bottled Water -- Dispensing Magic with Tomlinson’s Strunak
by Carlos David Mogollón, WC&P Executive Editor
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Using Saline Wastewater: Water Reuse System--A Case Study on a New Mexico Reservation
by Jim Jordahl, Henriette Emond, and Mark Madison
The Acoma Pueblo, N.M., sewage treatment, storage and evaporation lagoons were unable to adequately handle existing sewage flows, and a more permanent solution to wastewater disposal was needed...  read more
Independent Dealers: Making It Work on a Small Scale
by Jeff Crider
Like many cities across America, the city of Pflugerville, some 30 miles northeast of Austin, Texas, has had its share of economic woes with falling property values and lukewarm sales tax returns...  read more
Where Dealers Go from Here: Life After the Do-Not-Call Law
by Dale Filhaber
It’s estimated that eventually there will be 60-plus million numbers on the federal Do-Not-Call (DNC) Registry...  read more
Bioterrorism and Water Treatment, Part 1
by David H. Paul
This is the first in a series of two articles that provide an overview of some possible bioterrorism agents and their potential impact on drinking water supplies...  read more
Valve Interlocks and Actuators in the Water/Wastewater Industries
by Martin J. West
Safety interlocking of valves and associated equipment has been a standard procedure in the oil, gas and chemical processing industries for many years...  read more
What Are You Drinking? UV Offers Added Assurance It’s Not Bad
by T. Jefferson Straub
With prices exceeding that of gasoline, why are so many of us reaching for a plastic bottle rather than turning on a faucet for our drinking water?..  read more
Evaluating Membrane Performance: Predictors for Removing Viral Agents in Drinking Water Systems
by Debi Huffman, Ph.D.
Recent advances in the development of low-pressure membranes along with their reduced cost have dramatically increased use of these membranes for drinking water treatment...  read more
"Distill"-ing the Truth about Online Propaganda
by Joe Letorney, Jr., CWS-VI, CI
The Internet is a great place to search for anything and everything. In a matter of seconds, you can receive just about whatever information you desire...  read more
Web Exclusive
Q&A -- Dialed in with IBWA`s Joe Doss
by Carlos David Mogollon, WC&P Executive Editor
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Viewpoint: Triple Message in a Bottle -- Worldwide Food Expo, IBWA & WQA Mid-Year read more
Cruisin` Along the Caribbean, Mon: Cayman Air Conditioning and Supply of the Cayman Islands
by Ronald Y. Pérez read more
Computer Ware: Bottled Water--Using Technology to a Dealer’s Advantage
by Mark McHose read more
Pipelines: Statewide Dealers Get Helping Hand from WQA read more
Pentair’s Waltz Steps Up to the Plate read more
Arsenic and the ANSI/NSF Drinking Water Treatment Unit Standards
by Rick Andrew read more
Detecting Waterborne Pathogens-- A Look at Past, Present and Future Approaches read more
Website of the Month: Thirsting for World Domination-- Riding the Tide in Bottled Water read more