February 2004
Volume 46 Number 2
WQA's 30th Annual Convention Attention Turns to the Mid-Atlantic with Baltimore Trade Show -- A Preview
by John B. Ferguson
The promising economic climate, the fly-in/drive-in convenience of the Washington, D.C./Baltimore corridor, the streamlined convention format, a huge exhibition with dozens of brand new vendors, killer education sessions, prime-time networking—all are great reasons to attend WQA's 30th Annual Convention & Exhibition at the Baltimore Convention Center on March 16–20...   read more
Bringing Traffic through Your Dealership: Top 10 Ways of Using Email Marketing
by Mike Adams
In just a few short years, email marketing has made tremendous progress. Advances in home computing technology and better development of software have translated directly into email messages that are more comprehensive, user-friendly, attractive, and readable than ever before...  read more
Arsenic in the Old West: The Tribe said "Why?" and the USEPA said ‘Why not?’
by C.F. "Chubb" Michaud, CWS-VI
Situated 120 miles southwest of Tucson, Ariz., on Highway 86, the town of Why sits unimposing against a backdrop of mesas and desert flora...  read more
POU Filters for Refrigerators: A Hidden Market
by Evan E. Koslow, Ph.D.
A few years ago, a major multi-client study was carried out on point-of-use/point-of-entry (POU/POE) products and markets...  read more
Computer Simulation Optimizes Design of UV Disinfection Reactors
by Eugen Nisipeanu and Muhammad Sami
Computer simulation can substantially improve the design of ultraviolet (UV) technology used to disinfect water. In UV disinfection design, bacteria and viruses must flow in close proximity to a UV lamp for a sufficient period of time to greatly damage DNA, which adsorbs UV radiation...  read more
WQA Recertification Quiz -- 02/2004

Now that the holidays are but a mere memory and the subsequent bills are (hopefully) under control, we at WC&P serve up the first opportunity this year to test your water treatment knowledge. You’ll recall we also have quizzes in our May and August issues...  read more
Enhanced Waters Threatened by UV Light -- Absorbers Shield Bottled Contents
by Daniel Connor, Ph.D.
The growth of enhanced waters has been nothing less than phenomenal. The Beverage Marketing Corp., of New York, reports that enhanced water is the fastest growing segment of the water market, generating $250 million in wholesale sales during 2002 vs. $20 million during 2000...   read more
Exclusively Wet Stuff: A Real Portal for the Water Industry
by Salman A. Siddiqui
Today, the Internet is the prime medium to access and share information worldwide with millions of users logged online daily...  read more
Web Exclusive
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