July 2004
Volume 46 Number 7
RO Plus: Advanced Water Treatment--Here Today, Here Tomorrow
by David H. Paul
Waterborne diseases are still responsible for a great number of human deaths on the planet...  read more
The RO Renaissance: Why It Thrives in the Marketplace
by Marwan Nesicolaci
Bob Dylan’s famous 1960s call to action still resonates powerfully today, especially in the water and wastewater treatment industry...  read more
The Use of Distillation Technology in the Bottled Water Industry
by Bruce Kucera
Distillation technology replicates the hydrological cycle found in nature, using the simple evaporation-condensation-precipitation model...  read more
Plant Operator Employment: Finding the Best Fit for Job Skills

When there’s a job opening, every employer seeks to find and hire the most qualified person. Likewise, every prospective employee is looking for the best possible work situation...  read more
Pool & Spa Operator Certification: How Products and Services for Drinking Water Apply to Recreational Water Treatment

Recreational water treatment is similar in many ways to municipal or point-of-use (POU) drinking water treatment...  read more
Seller Beware: The Noose Tightens Around Mass Telemarketing
by Michael Sennett
The recent decision of the U.S. Court of Appeals to uphold the constitutionality of the National Do-Not-Call Registry has left water equipment dealers and others who rely heavily upon direct-to-consumer telemarketing searching for answers...  read more
Well Water Monitoring: A Testing Program for Private Well Owners
by Kenneth Jenke
An estimated 53 million Americans rely on water from private wells...  read more
UV Light as Water Treatment: Why Its Popularity is Rising
by Tom Stoll, P.E.
With growing populations demanding quality public services, many countries—including less-developed ones—are searching for better ways to provide clean drinking water...  read more
Indoor Air Quality & Air Purification: A Captive Market for Dealers
by Mario Di Franco
In our three most recent home shows, about 75 percent of the people who stopped to visit our booth were interested in air purification and the remainder in water purification...  read more
Web Exclusive
Viewpoint: A Superhighway of Water -- Smooth driving or traffic jams for the industry read more
Serving Up Water Treatment in ``Cajun Country``--Judice Water Refining Inc., of Broussard, La.
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Drinking Water Dollars: Coming & Going--Tracking and Sourcing Acquisition Dollars in the Water Industry
by Stephen J. Hoffmann read more
Pipelines: Timberrr… Another Calif. City Falls to Softener Ban read more
Gleaning Wisdom with Blue-White`s Gledhill read more
Structural Integrity and the DWTU Standards
by Rick Andrew read more
Predicting Future Needs: Microbial Water Quality Monitoring and Control
by Kelly A. Reynolds, MSPH, Ph.D. read more
Website of the Month: Toeing the Company Line on the Net -- Keeping Up with the Water Joneses
by Ronald Y. Pérez, WC&P Managing Editor read more
Flash Back: Milestones & More read more