August 2004
Volume 46 Number 8
Electrolytic Ozone Generation and Its Application in Pure Water Systems
by Bruce T. Stanley
Over the years, manufacturers have grown increasingly aware of the importance of water purity and its effect on the quality of the final product.  read more
Pool and Spa Water: A Diverse Application for Water Dealers–Dipping into Different Waters

Diversification of product line and/or services in a tight economy is necessary in any business. In the water treatment industry, this opens up a plethora of opportunities...  read more
Skimming More Efficiency from Your Pool
by Jim Siebert
Every pool owner desires clear, sparkling water as long as the maintenance time is kept to a minimum...  read more
An Introduction to Laboratory Water Purification
by Jon Bergman and Larry Gottlieb
Every laboratory has a need for purified water. Scientists use deionized water in a variety of areas from glassware washing to DNA synthesis. While some laboratories are stand-alone businesses, many operate within a larger business...  read more
Soap: The Antique Makes a Comeback
by Martin Schachter
Real soap, an antique from the past, is now making a comeback to the present and future. Now when I say “soap,” I don’t mean the petrochemical, artificial, synthetic detergents that are saturating 99 percent of the consumer marketplace...  read more
Application of Membrane Technology to the Production of Drinking Water
by R. Radcliff and A. Zarnadze
Membranes are becoming increasingly popular for production of potable drinking water from ground and surface water sources, as well as for treatment of wastewater used for recharging groundwater aquifers and removing salt from seawater...  read more
Picking the Right People for the Job: Personal Profile Analysis Systems
by Frank Roman
How do I find the right people for the job?” is probably one of the hardest questions a water treatment dealer has to answer...  read more
Security and Regulatory Compliance: A Quantitative Risk Management Approach
by Art Drake
The current Fiscal Year 2004 Energy & Water Appropriations Bill signed by President Bush encourages the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to “ensure that process control systems, switching stations and substations are adequately protected by any cyber security standards issued for the national power grid...  read more
Web Exclusive
WQA Recertification Quiz
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Cultivating the Rich Soil in the Garden State: Aqua Mech of Manalapan, New Jersey
by Ronald Y. Pérez read more
Bottom Line: Avoiding the Moby Dick Syndrome -- Don’t Let the Ideal Recruit Get Away
by John P. Kreiss read more
Pipe Lines: No Long Lazy Days of Summer for the State WQAs read more
Softener Certification -- Standard 44 Capacity Testing
by Rick Andrew read more
Life in the Distribution System: Monitoring Biofilm Formation Potentials
by Kelly A. Reynolds, MSPH, Ph.D. read more
Website of the Month: Emptying the Website Idea Folder -- A Smattering of Sites for Summer
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Great Lakes WQA
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