September 2004
Volume 46 Number 9
Well Water Pumps Provide New Reliability and Water Supply for Mongolian Sheepherders
by David Lazar
With a population of about 2.5 million, the country of Mongolia is situated in East Asia, sandwiched between northern China and the southern Siberian region of Russia...  read more
Training for International Success
by John Kent
Most of my adult life I’ve visited a number of different countries. Some I’ve lived and worked in. Some I have only passed through...  read more
Things to Consider When Marketing a Better Mousetrap in Emerging Countries
by D. Duane Dunk
If only it were as simple as merely pondering the great unmet needs for safe drinking water abroad, offering a comparatively low-priced system, and shipping it to be met with open arms and wallets...  read more
RO Saves a Dry Island: Desalination System Brings Water, Hope to Venezuelan Community
by Jorg Menningmann
Nearly 78 percent of fresh water is held captive in the ice caps around the North and South Poles, and only 0.4 percent of all the fresh water on the planet can be found in rivers and lakes...  read more
European Standards and Regulations Update
by Tony Frost
European product standards for water treatment equipment have been undergoing preparation under the auspices of CEN (Comité Européen de Normalisation) for over ten years now...  read more
GPS/GIS Technology Aids Mapping and Data Collection for Honduran Water Treatment Projects
by George Greene IV
Global positioning system (GPS) technology is solving problems for people and organizations around the world...  read more
Creating the Optimal Financing Process
by Phil Layher
Adeclining economy, corporate financial scandals and the advent of worldwide terrorism all contributed to a significantly tighter consumer credit market for water treatment dealers over the last couple of years...  read more
A Second Look at Fiberglass Pressure Vessels
by Joel Voytek
When consumers ask dealers to describe their water softening and water treatment systems, the conversation generally begins and ends with the controls...  read more
Cleanup of MTBE and TBA Contaminated Drinking Water at Lake Tahoe
by Steve McAdams & Nick Zaninovich
Lurking beneath the panoramic and pristine beauty of Lake Tahoe is an environmental crisis in the form of the gasoline additive MTBE...  read more
Plumbing with PEX: A Complete Primer
by Dave Yates
All too often, the fast pace of changes to technology and application techniques challenge and frustrate trade professionals...  read more
AWT Meeting the Challenges to Come in Nashville
by Steve MacCarthy
This fall, the Association of Water Technologies’ (AWT) 16th Annual Convention and Exposition will roll into Nashville’s legendary Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center from Nov. 3 - 6...  read more
Ebb and Flow: A Look at Water Industry Valuations
by Steve Guy
The water industry has been a frequent topic of conversation for years, from water shortages and conservation issues in the western United States to the lack of clean water for global population growth...  read more
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