October 2004
Volume 46 Number 10
The Joy of Giving: For Euphoria Water Company, the competitive edge is charity
by Karen R. Smith
In 1982, Paul Newman launched Newman’s Own Oil and Vinegar Salad Dressing...  read more
Is It Time To Add A Bottled Water Plant?
by Karen R. Smith
A majority of water treatment professionals, finding significant cross-selling opportunities, enter the bottled water business...  read more
The Bottled Water Industry 2004—A Year of Defining Moments
by Henry R. Hidell, III
During the last decade the bottled water industry has experienced unprecedented growth while at the same time experiencing major consolidation activity and declining margins...  read more
Flush Cycle Improves Performance of Water Vending Machines
by Michael A. Stern
With the news media reporting an oncoming worldwide shortage of potable water, many new companies are entering the water vending machine business...  read more
Bottled Water: #2 -- Commercial Beverage in the U.S. -- Fast growing segment becomes second only to soft drinks
by John Rodwan
Bottled water now ranks as the second largest commercial beverage category in the United States on a volume basis...  read more
Performance of an Active Biological Contactor (ABC): Treating Winery Wastewater
by Manuel Alvarez Cuenca, Ph.D.
Historically, winery wastewater has been either disposed of by obsolete and polluting methods like septic tanks, leach fields and ponds, or tank stored on-site and treated off-site...  read more
Stopping Legionella and Other Waterborne Pathogens in Their Tracks –- A Global Perspective
by Judy Angelbeck, Ph.D.
For many people the word Legionella conjures up memories of the Hotel Bellevue in Philadelphia, Pa. in 1976...  read more
Pumping: Mexico City’s Wastewater
by David Lazar
With the ground sinking due to the depletion of the aquifer, Mexico City was faced with the prospect of building pump stations to lift wastewater up and out of the city, which was once served by a gravity system...  read more
Web Exclusive
Viewpoint: Bottled water under assault read more
Bottom Line: on the Bottling Line
by William S. Siegmund, CWS-V read more
Borrego Springs: Bottled Water Uncapping Success in Southern California
by Nate F. Searing, WC&P Managing Editor read more
Coming Up Through the RanksJohn Heurkins of Chester Paul Company
by Nate F. Searing, WC&P Managing Editor read more
Minimum Performance Requirements, Minimum Service Flow: Requirements that must not be minimized!
by Rick Andrew read more
Risk Perceptions of Waterborne Disease
by Kelly A. Reynolds, MSPH, Ph. D. read more
Form and Function: Bottled Water Websites That Are Entertaining and Informative
by Nate F. Searing, WC&P Managing Editor read more