December 2004
Volume 46 Number 12
Small Steps Can Add Up to Big Savings and Improved Quality
by John Volbeda
While more than 70 percent of the planet is covered in water, less than one percent is usable fresh water and since water demand increases with population growth, the reuse of water and proper treatment methods are a critical necessity...  read more
Show Review: Pacific Water Quality Association’s 47th Annual Convention and Trade Show -- Protecting Our Future Today
by Karen R. Smith
While many in the industry recognize the potential for business harm in the various water wars gearing up across the nation, PWQA members are already scarred from being on the frontlines...  read more
Ultraviolet Water Purifiers Can Keep Your Pond Clear
by Ann Wysocki
An ultraviolet (UV) water purifier is a safe and dependable means of controlling green water and disinfecting a pond’s water supply...  read more
Ozone for Residential Swimming Pools and Spas: An essential part of an effective swimming pool and spa water treatment
by Deborah Kon
Today, swimming pool and spa professionals are faced with a multitude of water treatment options such as ozone, chlorine, bromine, algaecides, clarifiers, filter aids and shock treatments...  read more
First-Of-Its-Kind Water Treatment Plant Opens in the Netherlands: PWN’s water treatment plant in Andijk uses UV oxidation to disinfect and to act as a barrier to micropollutants
by Diana Cunningham
The PWN Water Supply Company North Holland (PWN) has announced the opening of its state-of-the-art water treatment facility in Andijk, the Netherlands...  read more
Weather Changes Impact West European Bottled Water Market
by Gary Roethenbaugh
West Europe’s bottled water market continues to represent a long-term growth opportunity, according to leading drinks consultancy and bottled water specialists Zenith International...  read more
‘A Healthy Success’ at the Aquatic Health Conference
by Laurie Batter
The first Aquatic Health Conference organized by the National Swimming Pool Foundation brought together 29 speakers and industry professionals with more than 270 attendees from 41 states and five countries...  read more
Web Exclusive
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